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XuChang - HeNan

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Code: 0374

Zip code: 461000

position: in the central province of Henan

Area: 4,996 square kilometers

Population: 4340000

administrative divisions: exempted Yu City, Changge City, Xuchang County, Yanling County, Xiangcheng County, and Wei are areas

Xuchang City in Henan Province, central, Beiju Zhengzhou 80 km. Xian Xia Yu City, Changge City, Xuchang County, Yanling County, Xiangcheng County, and Wei have, throughout the total area of 4,996 square kilometers, population 4.34 million.

Xuchang has a long history and old times, the Chinese nation is one of the important birthplaces. In ancient times, Xu and multiply by the tribes in this home, so as to Xu. 8th century BC, tert-week closure, in Xu, applauded States. AD 221, Wei Wendi Li Wei Han Cao Pi waste, the result of "Xu Wei Ji-chang was" to Xu Xuchang County for the use of so far.要冲is located in Xuchang, is the history of military strategists Deere place. The first year of the Eastern Han Jian-an, the capital relocation in Cao Cao Ying Hsu Han Xiandi, "relying on the emperor to make Zhuhou," Geng-sik, to repair with the military funding, end-BR, as a result, Xuchang in north China at that time the political, economic and cultural center. For thousands of years, Xuchang situation will be the occasion, Aviva come forth in large numbers. Chaocuo phase of the Western Han Dynasty, the Eastern Han Dynasty Fellows Xunshu, the originator Han Zhong Yao, a famous advisor Jia Guo, St. Wu Daozi of the Tang Dynasty and so was born here. The history of the famous politicians, writers Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Su Shi and Su Che, Liu Yu Xuchang have Lansheng, lectures, articles left a Che-hung Quotes. Family name Xuchang also an important source of the ancestral roots of one of Hsu and Chen, 10 minutes, the root of the family name, and so deeply rooted in Xuchang the land, maintain the ties of the feelings of Chinese people both at home and abroad.

Xuchang photos Xuchang superior natural conditions, the monsoon is a temperate zone, a mild climate, sufficient light, with plenty of rainfall, a long frost-free period, four distinct seasons. The average annual temperature of 14.7 degrees, sunshine 2280 hours, 579 mm in precipitation, frost-free period 217 days. 75 percent of the area in the plains, 25 percent of the area for the hills. The larger rivers in the Northern Ruhe, Ying He, Ji River and the double-Nihe, water resources, the total average 510 million cubic meters.
Xuchang rich in resources. Has been proven that more than 30 kinds of mineral resources, including coal reserves of 3.5 billion tons, aluminum V-soil reserves of 42.95 million tons, 6.66 million tons refractory clay, limestone 200 million tons. Main mineral concentration of reserves, easy exploitation, development of electric power, building materials, ceramics, and other industry prospects are bright. Agricultural resources are: wheat, corn, sweet potatoes, soybeans, peanuts, tobacco, cotton, and other.
Xuchang location and convenient transportation. Jing-Guang Railroad longitudinal North-South, East and West Yu Dan railway crossing, deep Beijing, Xu West Road two countries in this intersection, the Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway in Zhengzhou to Xuchang the opening paragraph, State Road, dart and county and township roads of interrelated constitute a Vertical and horizontal cutting land transport network. International airports - Zhengzhou International Airport 50 kilometers away from Xuchang, and the rest of the world#39;s exchanges, he said.

Xuchang picture

Xuchang commercial development, has always been to numerous merchants. In recent years, a number of high starting point, large-scale, extensive radiation, multi-function, high efficiency of wholesale and retail markets have been built to Lotus Textile City, the three trade city, Asian shopping malls, Chayuan market as the leading consumer goods market to Big World steel, motor tricycles accessories City as the representative of the capital goods market to Yanling flowers, Yuzhou Chinese herbal medicines, Quandian file hair, Fu Zhu Pei Ho Street, represented by local characteristics such as product markets continue to grow and develop. Labor, technology, information, financial markets for factors such as the increasingly improved.

Xuchang Xuchang rich tourism resources, the three countries (Han) remains large. Han, Wei and Old City, Guan Yu Cao pick gowns by the Baling Bridge, Guan Yu Bing Zhu night reading the Spring and Autumn House, Cao Cao radio deer radio Lutai, Taiwan#39;s military training Cao Cao, Cao Pi accession to the throne Shouchan Taiwan, Shen Yi Hua tomb, during the Xia Qizhao The world "and home waste Chanrang the world," the ancient-kwan, Taiwan, Yu Wang Jiao lock Well, the Western Han Guan Ying of Taiwan think, therefore, stem-ming Temple, all have a high tourism and archaeological value. Xiangcheng County, located in Ziyun Shan scenic area, from 9-18-feng, a river of the five lakes, scenic areas within the humanities and natural attractions nearly 100 spots, Shing-mu of forest scenery of the valuable trees -- Quercitrin tree, leisure, vacation, the best place for tourism. The famous "Ziyun College" is located in scenic areas in the southern mountains Okuma.

Xuchang city and county jurisdiction of their respective economic advantages and local characteristics. Yu City, energy, building materials industrial base, and China#39;s Song Dynasty Yuzhou Jun chinaware is one of five Mingci, because the kiln Yise, a kiln million Choi, known as the "treasure", Chinese herbal medicine production, processing industry Long known, is the focus of one of the distribution center for Chinese herbal medicines; Changge City ceramic building materials, industrial machinery outstanding, the collective and rural industries have become the main force for economic development; Xuchang County is the focus of state support yield large counties, the file, Fuzhu the country a higher degree of visibility; Yanling County is the state#39;s key high-quality cotton production base in the county, Lamei cultivation has a long history, "Yanling Lamei crown the world" reputation; Xiangcheng County, the state of quality flue-cured tobacco production and export bases County , "Tobacco Kingdom" and renowned Chinese.