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XingTai - HeBei

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position: Xingtai of Hebei Province in the south, according to the West Bank too, north of Shijiazhuang, Handan the south, east and adjacent to Shandong, 380 kilometers from Beijing

Population: 6.7 million (of which the urban population 500,000)

Area: 12,486 square km

divisions: exempted two county-level cities, 15 counties and two districts, 173 townships offices, 5,212 administrative villages in Xingtai City in Hebei Province

administered two county-level cities, 15 counties and 2, 190 township offices, a total area of 12,486 square kilometers, the total population of 6.6 million (of which the urban population 500,000). Geographical advantages, developed transport, communications faster, Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon Railway, Beijing deep north-south highway running through, Xing Ji (South), and Xing (Shun), Xing (the rule) highway running through things, the formation of the railways, highways Aspect of the transport network. Xingtai

Xingtai of a long history and goes back to ancient times, now has 3,500 years of civilization, history, the founding four times, twice its capital, Dili has Zuyi Shang Dynasty capital relocation of this, when Zhao early Warring States States, Eastern Jin Dynasty, and Zhao Schleswig Capital here. Xing Zhou, Sui and Tang dynasties in Xingtai title since the Yuan Dynasty to the Qing, to Xing Zhou Shunde for the House. Xingtai another "cattle City" said: Legend has it that in ancient times a heaven heavy rain, floods forced the city, there is a God cattle从天而降, Hetui floods, "Niu city," hence the name. In fact, it reflects the people of Xingtai cattle hard-working, dedicated, pioneering and fighting spirit of respect for feelings, while also encouraging people Zhantiandoudi Xingtai, the ambition to transform nature.

Xingtai also known as the "cow town." Legend has it the ancient heaven in a heavy rain, inundated farmland, the floods forced the city and the people in distress, there is a God cattle从天而降, Hetui the floods. "Cow town" of the title reflects the people of Xingtai cattle hard-working, dedicated, pioneering, progressive spirit of the feeling of admiration. Niu also inspired people Zhantiandoude City, the ambition to transform nature.
Xingtai "close to the mountains with risk-win" the reputation. Founded in urban areas have opened the first year of the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan Temple, the floor, the wind blowing the Ming Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty famous scientist Guo Shou-jing Memorial Hall; Xingtai County has a well-known Xianweng Hill (also known as the fruit of Laoshan), the Baiyun Mountain, Xiaoxi Tian, Tower Hill , And other scenic areas, with the "Hsiung-feng, dangerous, extraordinary and You" attractive scenery. Boxiang to 2000 years ago in a "height Bachimen, such as big-spending" known as the God-peony flowers; Lincheng Kong Mountain Hill Karst of the Baiyun Dong Dong Jing, a rare form of the characteristics and unique value, As "an absolutely north."
Xingtai City is rich in resources. At present the city has found 38 kinds of minerals, ranked 17 in Hebei Province before the reserves of five. Is: coal, iron, copper, limestone, graphite, gypsum, porcelain clay, quartz, kyanite, Jingang sand, marble, and so on. Of which 2.8 billion tons of coal reserves, 450 million tons of iron ore, all of the important status in Hebei Province; reserves of 810 million tons of gypsum, the first UN-Habitat in northern China. Xingtai agricultural varieties Full, rich wheat, cotton, corn, peanuts, known as "the granary of cotton," said. Category Ganxianguopin with an annual output of up to over 100 million kg, mainly chestnut, walnut, apple, Pear, string sticks Hongxing, red dates, persimmons, such as Chinese wolfberry.
since 1949, especially since the Third Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, Xingtai been developing rapidly, has become华北大平原on an emerging industrial city. Initially formed the energy, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, textile, light industry, chemical industry, medicine, food, and so an extensive array of industrial system. In particular the production of metallurgical Xingtai Roll, Blue Jays licensing furniture, crystal glass cows, whales tires, Hualong licensing hundreds of instant noodles and other products in domestic and overseas markets rather reputation and influence.
the economic

relying on its advantages in resources, the city has formed a energy, metallurgy, machinery, building materials, textiles, chemicals, medicine, food categories, such as a complete industrial system, metallurgical Roll, Xingtai steel shares limited Companies, cattle crystal glass, "whale" brand tires, "Bluebird" brand furniture, "Hualong" instant noodles, "Kang Bible" Sikang ganmao medicine, combed cashmere at home and abroad, such as a large number of well-known enterprises and products, Xingtai and a provisional West Bearing County, Ning Jinxian cable and clothing, bike-rural counties, Xingtai County, sheet metal, Long Yaoxian food processing, Qinghe County, combed cashmere production, processing, and export the professional market, some products in domestic and overseas markets also enjoyed very much Gao#39;s reputation. 2002, the city#39;s gross domestic product completed 43.7 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7 percent.

urban construction

Xingtai City to achieve the integration of urban planning and management, the city#39;s comprehensive services are maturing, environmental quality continues to increase. New and rebuilt Qingfengdian House, Antique Street, New Century Plaza, the moon House, Grand Park, and so a number of sports, culture, entertainment, shopping, "Ji Xing Zhu cited" management of small Yellow River so that the days of Xingtai Blue, water change - Ching, more beautiful environment.

tourism Xingtai

Xingtai many of the sites, "with dangerous mountain, the shape to win" the reputation of the city centre is built in the Tang Dynasty opened the first year of the Kaiyuan Temple, the Ming Dynasty architecture Qingfengdian House, to mark the Yuan Dynasty famous scientist Guo Shou-jing Guo Shou-jing construction of the memorial hall, the western mountains of 0.08, one of the fruit Laoshan, Baiyun Mountain, Xiaoxi Tian, Tower Hill, He Ping Gap, and other natural scenic Taihang Mountain, Boxiang County in a 2000 years ago, "Strain Bachimen high, such as the disk of large-scale ", known as the god of the Chinese peony flowers, Neiqiu County," Bian Que temple ", Shahe City, there are clear for the Qianlong Emperor Tang Yu Shu premier SONG Jing Tomb of the stone," Plum Fu " , Also known as "the North a must," the provincial level scenic spots Lincheng Hill Baiyun Dong Kong Mountain scenery.