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Location: Located in the northeastern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Area: 60,000 square km

Population: 1.602 million people

administrative divisions: exempted Wulanhaote City, Aershan City, the former right-wing Horqin Qi, the right-wing in the Horqin Qi, Zhalaiteqi, 3 Tuquan Xian City 2 County flag 1, a total of 20 HE, 19 townships, 38 towns and 10 neighborhood offices, a management area: 10 county-level state-owned Nongmu Chang, the two state-owned Forestry Bureau.

Xing#39;an League in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of north-east, due to the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains is located in the middle named after the mountain range. Xing#39;an League and the northeast of Heilongjiang Province attached, Jilin Province and adjacent to the southeast, south, west, north Zhe Limu with the League of Inner Mongolia, Hulun Buir League and Xilin Gol League connected. Mongolia and north-west border, 126 km long border line, Xing#39;an League in the country in the northeast economic zone, in the international economic circle in the Northeast and strategic location. Xing#39;an League 380 km long from north to south and 320 km wide things, the total area of nearly 60,000 square kilometers. League-wide total population of nearly 1.6 million, as the main body of the Mongolian, Han majority, from Mongolia, Han, North Korea, back to more than 20 ethnic groups, such as the extended family. Deguangrenxi Xing#39;an League, the average density of 26 persons per square kilometre. Xing#39;an League is a temperate continental monsoon climate. UNITA frost-free period for the entire 95 days -145 days, 110 days in most areas -130 days, the average annual rainfall of 400 mm -500 mm, suitable for crop growth last quarter.


Due to historical reasons, Xing#39;an League After zoning change. 1980, the State Council approved the resumption of Xing#39;an League formed. Xing#39;an League Xianxia a three counties of the city flag. Namely: the right-wing former Horqin Qi, the right-wing in the Horqin Qi, Zhalaiteqi, Tu Quanxian, Wulanhaote City, Aershan City. Wulanhaote Xing#39;an League UNITA is appointed, the seat of the AU Administrative Office, is the former right-wing Horqin Qi, Wulanhaote city party committee and government of the location, is the UNITA political, economic and cultural center. In recent years, archaeologists have found in the Xing#39;an League in a number of "Neolithic" the artifacts to prove that in about 3000 years ago to 10,000 years, human activities have Xing#39;an League. Spring and Autumn period to the Qin Dynasty, here is the East Hunni nomadic land. Han, Wei, Jin period for the Xianbei territoriality. Shi Wei and the Northern and Southern Dynasties period. Tang period, in the region were under Shiwei, pine desert, Rao Lok three Dudu Fu. Shangjing Road to the Liao Dynasty jurisdiction in Taizhou. Lin Huang took the House and Taizhou jurisdiction. Dading in the Jin Dynasty, began large-scale construction of the Great Wall, chief of nearly 5,000 km, in the Xing#39;an League adopted a total of four. It is worth mentioning that shocked the world "in the village incident" took place in Xing#39;an League Division on the front right of the flag Chaershen town. This incident was later the Japanese aggressors as a pretext for launching the "September 18" incident. "September 18" Incident, the Japanese invaders in northeast China#39;s cruel trampling on the excellent Heshan. June 1932, in the Xing#39;an League, "the puppet Manchukuo" under the rule of the establishment of Hung Yen province, the provincial government in Wangyeh Temple (this Wulanhaote city). August 1945, the Soviet Union declared war on Japan, Wang Yeh temple by Japanese and Puppet Armies of the extreme elements in a state of confusion. August 11, the puppet "Xing#39;an Military Academy" more than 400 young military officers student uprising, into the embrace of the people. Later, they care, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Inner Mongolia People#39;s Revolutionary struggle to become an armed forces.


Xing#39;an League of existing arable land area of 10 million mu, pending development of the 400 million mu of wasteland to farmers. Here, the higher the quality of agricultural ecological environment, it is a pollution-free, pollution-free green Pure Land. To black soil, Chernozem, mainly chestnut soil, organic matter content, an average of 3 percent to 5 percent, up eight percent of the land, fertile soil. Xing#39;an League East Prairie is located in the south of Da Hinggan Mountains, is a famous part of the Horqin grassland, water plants Fengmei since ancient times is the pastoral areas, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is now one of the bases of animal husbandry. Xing#39;an League of forest, known as Lin is known as the Greater Xing#39;an Mountains south of the mountain#39;s natural forest areas, fostering national reserve is also one of the bases of forest resources. All UNITA woodland area of 3,037 hectares, ranking second in the region. Forest area of 2024 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 22.5 percent, higher than the region nine percentage points, live tree Volume 37.64 million cubic meters, the harvesting capacity of 280,000 cubic meters. Xing#39;an League abode in the region of the League of water resources in second place, the size of the ground more than 200 rivers. UNITA has four water systems, mainly to the Nen River, Chuo infants River, Taoer River, in the river, and so on. West Liaohe River water system is unegq. Ergun River water system is Halakhah. Another inland river water covered the Urals. Apart from the abundant surface water resources, there are sufficient groundwater resources. League-wide total 7.3 billion cubic meters of water resources, the runoff 4.9 billion cubic meters, the water reserves of 234,000 kilowatts installed capacity. There are 18 small medium and large reservoirs. Among them, the whole autonomous region#39;s largest reservoir, a national key project - Chaershen reservoir, the capacity of 1.34 billion cubic meters, 80 million mu of farmland irrigation. There had been included in the state, "9th Five-Year" Plan of Windhoek root Reservoir, a comprehensive utilization projects, the total capacity of 184,000 cubic meters, set for power generation, irrigation, flood control, fish farming in the functional integration.


Xing#39;an League wild animals and plants rich in resources. UNITA, in the Horqin right-wing flag in the famous national "rare birds in Horqin grassland wetland nature reserve." Higher economic value of the animal, such as roe, bears, camels, deer, red-crowned crane, white swan, pheasant, Hazel#39;s chicken, Foxes, lynx, and other Paozai. Wild nearly 600 kinds of medicinal plants, belonging to 91 branches, total more than 150 million kilograms. There Hericium, mushrooms, edible fungus, day lily, bracken and other precious plants. Xing#39;an League Xing#39;anling ore belt is located in the middle, a national survey of mineral resources focused on one of the region.