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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Natalia  Date: 07-23 2008  More Attractions
Hsinchu County and Taoyuan County, adjacent to the north, the south of Miaoli County, the county volatile terrain, covered platform, plains, hills, bluffs overlooking the basin, such as mountain terrain, rich natural landscape, the beauty of the mountains to the river He is one. County area of over 1,500 square kilometers, population 360,000.
Hsinchu County, the pioneering city began cutting bamboo, which is today#39;s Hsinchu City, the prefecture more than Dasan, Emei, by the middle of the Beibu Oriental Beauty Tea international reputation while at Hsinpu because of long sunshine, wind down 9 Chuifu, Persimmon production created an excellent environment, the city known as the Taiwan pie village; In addition, the lath at Hsinpu, the Beibu Leicha are the characteristics of a local native cannibalism.
Hsinchu County, San Mianhuan Hill, a brink of the Taiwan Strait, mountains, valleys幽深, vast forest area, the beautiful natural landscape rich tourism resources. Rome Road (County Road 118) on both sides of green terraced fields, distant Castle Peak Hanyan, set out along the Chokai family theme park, Jin-sen, such as the World forest recreation area, such as weaving holiday tourists. 120 County Road Kedi Bay, Jianshi, the extension also shows the depth Snow Mountain Spa Luan, Secretary Marcus Road and the original group of Shenmu, valleys, forests and other original scenery glance, every Ruqiu, Sau Luan Village Fenghong Everywhere, is an excellent place to Shangfeng. From bamboo along the East County Road 122 south via the Ping, Wufeng, the Chingchuankang, and other places far and the concept of fog, Shei-Pa Park, along the changing scenery, clear spring spa and watch the sea of clouds and fog rich ecological landscape, are entitled to Reputation.
addition to natural scenery, the Hakka customs Hsinchu County is more important cultural characteristics. Among them, at Hsinpu Township of Fangliao Yimin Temple,堪称Taiwan Yi-min Temple of Zongtan, is a Hakka stronghold of faith; Beibu Kim Kwong Fuk Kungkuan only for the Taoyuan area of a monument, is also the only Taiwan#39;s largest Ken development; In addition, the Beibu appear in Tianshui, Tsz Suitengumae, Kansai#39;s home Gucuo Fan Cheng Jiaci Tang, bamboo East good first letter, Longxi Church, Church powers, such as historical buildings, Jutierwei of Hakka architecture of the United States, The humanities are worth visiting attractions.