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XinZhou - ShanXi

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Location: Located in the north central Shanxi Province, the profession and longitude 110 ° 53 #39;─ 113 ° 58#39; between.

Population: total population of 2.88 million

Area: total area of 25,200 square kilometers

administrative divisions: the region jurisdiction of Xinzhou, the original two-and county-level city Dingxiang, 5, the county, Fanzhi, Ningwu, Jingle, Shen Chi, Wuzhai, Kelan, Hequ, Baode, Pianguan 12 counties, 293 townships (office), 5,045 villages (neighborhood)

area highlighted "Jinyang Road gateway", surrounded by mountains, vast territory, as Qin Jin Plateau Part of its strategic importance, military strategists have always been for the battleground. Anti-Japanese War, the famous Battle of the Pingxingguan Battle and Xinkou occurred here. After the founding of the PRC, especially since reform and opening up, the outlook of the region has undergone enormous changes. Has been formed to coal, metallurgy, machinery, chemicals, electricity as the main body of a relatively complete industrial system, agricultural production has a considerable basis, the province became one of the important grain and oil-producing areas.


Xinzhou area is a temperate continental monsoon climate, the climate is characterized by four distinct seasons, spring windy, rainy summer, autumn Qishuang, less snow in winter.

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the region has a long history of cultural, natural tourism resources and more extensive, Junqiao strange, ancient unique tourism resources in the humanities, the Buddhist shrines, and the revolutionary leather sites, cultural relics and more famous Chinese and foreign. Has been called the "roof of North China, known as" China#39;s first Buddhist sacred place of abode of the crown.

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become the world-famous holy sites of Mount Wutai Summer Tour; peculiar shape, beautiful scenery, the world home to rare birds Brown-eared Pheasant Guancen Shan; Bao Yang world, Wen said Commissioner of the "Yanmenguan", the Commissioner of Ningwu and Pianguan; throat to the strategic ─ Pingxingguan; convalescence famous hot springs resort Qicun; revolutionary work of fighting off the local headquarters of the Eighth Route Army and stationed in Wutai County, South RU; The production has an international fighter, Comrade Bethune worked in Wutai County, the local Fang Yan mouth; former KMT Chairman of Shanxi Province, Yan Xishan#39;s former places of residence; have my party Zhanjun outstanding leader Marshal Xu Xiangqian, Bo Yibo comrades of the house.