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Location: Henan Province in the south, is the E Yuwan Tongqu of the three provinces, East and adjacent to Anhui, Hubei and southern borders.

divisions: administered Shihe River, Pingqiao, Huangchuan County, Huaibin County, the county income, the new county, Shangcheng County, Gushi County, Luo Shanxian, Guangshan County.

Xinyang City of Henan Province in the south, has a long history and old times, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization, have a long history of 8,000 years. Xia and Shang Dynasties period, interest has been established here States, Huang诸侯States and other countries, a country which claims to Qiansheng; Xinyang Spring and Autumn Period, known as SHEN Guo-here; Tang period, Xinyang is more important grain base in the Northern Song Dynasty renamed Xinyang, has been in use; Ming and Qing Dynasties, Xinyang the economic and cultural development has been a considerable scale, sufficient food, commercial boom, the Central Plains region is a relatively affluent city.
Xinyang beautiful scenery, scenery R. State-level scenic spots Jigong Mountain, is one of the four major summer resort, the mountain scenery, around the Qifeng Guaidan. South Bay south of Henan Pearl Lake, is state-level forest park, located in the centre of Shihe River, is China#39;s first large-scale harnessing huaihe river project completed. The upper reaches of the lake, the Longtan waterfall, five Yunshan, Xinyang Maojian tea on the treasures produced here. In addition, Ling Shansi, net Habitat Temple, Hidden Temple, and so on-and a large number of monuments to commemorate revolutionary history, breathtaking, no wonder a visit to this endless stream of people.
Xinyang City, a historic city. As early as over 8,000 years ago, the two sides in the Huaihe River on a considerable scale of the original agriculture, from east to west distribution Peiligang Culture, the Longshan culture and Qujialing culture multiple sites. Of the Shang and Zhou, a Shanghai here, interest rates, string, yellow, Jiang, Zhu Hou Polygonum, and other countries. Spring and Autumn Period, Chu eliminate Shanghai, Zhu Hou income, and other countries, Shen Jian, interest rates, such as thinking of the county. Yi-yang to the Northern Song Dynasty to Xinyang, the extension has been used so far. 信阳照片
Xinyang is a cultural city. A generation of Sun Shuao (this Huaibin County), made TIAN Xing-water, to enable a party Chu Fu, he presided over the design and construction of the Si Yi period (bei), in ancient China is the earliest a large-scale water conservancy projects. Tang Dynasty, "Zhang Kai King Seong" Chen-yuan (Gushi), "Min Wang," Wang Zhi-trial (Gushi), the Central Plains civilization spread to Fujian and Taiwan. Advocating "the text will be the Qin and Han, Tang Dynasty poetry will be" the generation of writer Jing tomorrow (today Shui Division District), is the Ming Dynasty, "the seven former" leader. Xinyang in the revolutionary relics, monuments and artifacts many. The existing six state-level heritage conservation units, provincial and local levels below 400 units a number of heritage conservation, important to commemorate the revolution and revolutionary site of a number 400, the highest for the province#39;s municipalities.
Xinyang City, a city heavy traffic. Xinyang Lianghuai recapped the left and right-Jianghan, shielding the Central Plains, ancient warfare is the Jianghuai Hehan Xinyang picture like to, in the "three-Yi-yang," has always battleground for the military strategists. Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon railway and 106,107 of the Road and north-south Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway longitudinal, Ningxi Railway, 312 National Road and the forthcoming opening of the letter of the highway across the East and West, in the form of four pairs of cross and two regional traffic Hub - and Xinyang City Huangchuan County, Xinyang become "Li Zhongyuan and-P Plus, Habitat and the hinterland of Kyushu," the heavy traffic city.
Xinyang City is a red revolution. Xinyang was the famous revolutionary base, the capital of Soviet Area E Yuwan is located, is the cradle of the Red Army, General hometown. First Revolutionary Civil War period, with the older generation of revolutionaries in the middle stage of the Dabie Mountains here to create revolutionary base, created the Red Army, Hong Sijun, 25 Red Army, the Red Army, and other 28 main forces with the Red Army. During the revolutionary war years, Xinyang a total of more than 30 million outstanding sons and daughters of the revolution for those who have lost their precious lives. Xu Shiyou, Li Desheng, 000 Haifeng, Mrs Yau-chung, such as more than 100 generals in Xinyang membership to the country from here. Xinyang
Green tea is one of Xinyang City. Shanqingshuixiu Xinyang, a state-level ecological model city, "the mountains around the city build Cheng-yu, city water Feihong wrapped clear water" is the true portrayal of Xinyang city. Chu Yun Feng Yu here integration, cultural landscape and making the other more beautiful natural scenery, the mountains, of water, Ming Si, the city mutual Ying Chen, known as "Jiangnan Northland, Northland Jiangnan" reputation as a chicken in the mountains, Mountain Lake and South Bay , And other famous scenic spots. The city#39;s forest coverage rate reached 29.4 percent, higher than the national average level of 12.9 percent.