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Zip code: 453000

Location: Henan Province is located in the north.

area: 187 square kilometers

Population: 5.4 million

administrative divisions: exempted 40 (Xinhua District, the red flag, the North Station area, the suburbs), the six counties (Xinxiang County, Walker County, Yuanyang Xian, Yanjin County, Fengqiu County, Chang Yuanxian) , The two cities (Huixian, Weihui City). The city#39;s total of 152 townships and 3,549 administrative villages, 20 neighborhood offices.

northern Henan Xinxiang City for the political, economic, cultural and transportation center cities. Many historical sites and cultural relics rich in resources. Xinxiang
The city has hundreds of various types of natural landscape, heritage preservation of existing state-level units 4, a national forest park, the state-level wetland nature reserve a bird, the provincial-level scenic spots and places of heritage conservation units and more than 50; More than 500 city-level heritage conservation units, a historical and cultural city, famous historical and cultural towns one.
Xinxiang obvious geographical advantages, formed a Yubei important commodities trading centre. Beijing-Guangzhou line with the new Dutch, and the new focus line in a cross-shaped intersection, 107,106 of the longitudinal North-South Road, has formed a Trunk-lateral integration, connected, through vertical and horizontal, fast and convenient transport network. The city#39;s commercial facilities in order outlets over the urban and rural areas. 新乡照片 Representatives of the advanced level in the contemporary city on the plain of shopping malls, commercial buildings Huabin, Dah Sing new integrated shopping malls and other large luxury style; norms large supermarkets, shopping streets, pedestrian street, a beautiful urban landscape; 600-year history, National Assembly exchange one of the three major ingredients of herbs Baiquan Fair, known as "less than Baiquan drug incomplete" reputation, its turnover in the nation in the first three Yaojiao Hui. Four glasses of the market, one of the Changyuan glasses market, Xinxiang e-largest market, building materials market in North Henan, Yanjin County, peanut and so well-established market, both within and outside the province renowned for. Communications advances, has set up a modern commodity economy and society as a bridge. The city#39;s installed capacity of 572,000, 363,000 installed users, the urban telephone has amounted to 100 28; digital data network, packet-switched networks and the Internet and other computer users reached 8,273 in the lead completed the Internet works; opened City, county and township of the three sites, radiation into the country#39;s northern Henan region#39;s largest communications hub. The business centre established to promote the city to speed up the pace of construction. Construction in accordance with the pattern of modern cities, has increased on the basis of the transformation of the old city, stretching south towards the city skeleton, the past two years, has converted, and widen the urban trunk road 20; completed the Wei River a governance; new The Yiyuan, happiness, such as residential quarters; conversion, the new five waterworks and sewage treatment plants; streets and through the implementation of a Chaiqiangtoulv King Street, a tree lights, such as a "city image projects", urban landscape greatly Changed, the entire urban looks brand new. Xinxiang let the cultural heritage, the old times. Xinxiang Gu Cheng Yong States, the Spring and Autumn Annals of Wei and the Warring States Period of Wei and Han for Walker, to Wong Sui Wendi opened six years (AD 586) before Xinxiang County home has been more than 1,400 years. 新乡图片 The beginning of the founding of New China, was once the seat of the provincial capital Plain. Ancient history bred the splendid civilization. Yangshao and Longshan culture site, vaguely may argue; Zhou Wuwang of the alliance will be 800诸侯Makino World War, and monuments of interdependence; Jiang Shang Wei River fishing Bigan left heart-Zhong advice, Weiweijiuzhao, Zhang Ciqin, Guandu war, Chen bridge mutiny This all stems from the hot land for; Confucius lecture "Xingtan" still ringing in, loyal to Li Bai Fangge before; Cang-thinking to do in the "nine chapters arithmetic," Yu-Cheng Chen martyrs of the kingdom of heaven; Shenzong younger brother Lu Chien-Ming tomb, 12 prime minister Qingshi can Kam……. Anti-Japanese War, "Han-guerrilla" enemy gall Weizhen; liberation war, war, Xinxiang sons and daughters of bloody battles. After new China was founded, the oldest Makino earth is more talented people. Liuzhuang party secretary Shi Laihe and Jiao Yulu, Wang Jinxi, Lei Feng, together with Qian Xuesen, known as since the founding of the widespread impact of one of five party members, alternate member of the Central, Xinxiang, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and party secretary Tang Town Wu Jinyin known as "township party secretary of the good example", "China Shitainvjie" one of Liu Zhihua, the new leaders of groups Liu Bing-Electric Silver, a famous writer Liu Xia, vocalists village customs, animal husbandry, the Chinese Academy of Engineering Zhang Ming Xue, the international mathematics community Known as the "second Ramanujan," the mathematician Liu country, and so on, are Xinxiang who won the pride and honor. Xinxiang long history , Splendid culture and beautiful environment, to Xinxiang left a rich tourist resources. The city#39;s heritage preservation of existing state-level units two, provincial heritage conservation units 42; state-level scenic spots Bigan Temple, Lu tomb, the National Forest Park Baiyun Si, the State Wetland Nature Reserve, four birds, the provincial Baiquan-level scenic spots, 000 Senzan, Bali Gou, Jinghua Park 54. In recent years, the municipal government to develop tourism as an important task of the pillar industries in an effort to foster economic growth for the Xinxiang City, a new bright spot.
the new century, breeds new hope. Xinxiang people will be in accordance with the "Three Represents", carry forward the "five spirits" and focus on the theme of development, seize the main line of structural adjustment, increase economic growth highlight the quality and efficiency, efficient and pragmatic, forge ahead in unity, good governance , Blaze new trails, to a new Xinxiang presented to the 21st century.