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XinJie - XiangGang

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Hong Kong#39;s New Territories is one of the four major components of its cover with a round of mysticism Park in Tsuen Wan, Tai Po with Bride#39;s Pool Falls also Yuen Long, Tin, breathtaking tourist attractions.

early in the New Territories residents, many engaged in rice farming. Both sides of the production of rice, 2001, the year#39;s busiest days are Fantu, the planting and harvesting time. In addition, they also grow fruits and vegetables and livestock. The main harvest of agricultural products for their own use, the remaining check the market for sale.

coastal area residents, some living in fishing, and also of the Agriculture and Fisheries. Other operations include the kinds of oysters, salt and Caizhu, and so on. Early in the New Territories industrial, manufacturing of lime, pottery, tile, soy sauce Liang Guo, Heung Fan, fishing boats, and so on, are generally small-scale handicraft production. As for the commercial activities are concentrated in a few fair city, including the Old Market Yuen Long, Tai Po Market, Tai Wo City, Shek Wu Hui, and so on. However, due to the fair city often requires walking a few hours, it was also Tam Heung-pick items for sale, or for the villagers to provide Jianfa, repair farm tools and other day-to-day services. Most of them lived a simple and industrious life.