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XiaoGan - HuBei

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Abigail  Date: 08-29 2008  More Attractions
Zip Code: 432100

code: 0712

Area: 11,560 square km

Population: 5.8 million

administrative divisions: exempted Xiaonan District, Hanchuan City, Town, Anlu city and Yunmeng county, Tai Wuxian, Xiaochang County

position: in the northeast of Hubei Province, Wuhan City, capital of the south, north and Henan, Suizhou junction, west days door, Xiantao, Jingshan, and other cities and counties, east of Hong Anxian and Huanggang City in Huangpi District of Wuhan City < p>

Xiaogan, a result of the Eastern Han Dynasty burial Xiaozai Dongyong bondage father, Xiaogan-day trip to move named after. Xiaogan in Hubei Province is located in the north-east, east, "Tongqu nine provinces," the Wuhan City, Henan Province, north of the southern gate of Xinyang City, the vast and fertile south of the Jianghan Plain, west of Xiangfan city, Jingzhou, the car in Shiyan City.

Xiaogan is a development of the emerging medium-sized cities, Xian Xia Hanchuan, City, Anlu, water-four county-level city and Yunmeng, Dawu, Xiaochang County 3 And Xiaonan District. Land area of 11,600 square kilometers, the total population of 5.8 million, of which Xiaogan City population 300,000.

Xiaogan economic development have a good foundation, has completed the initial "high-quality high yield and high efficiency" as the goal of the six major agricultural production base. Industrial basic formation of a car, optical, electronic, new building materials, salt phosphorus chemical industry-led system. Advanced the cause of science and technology education, culture, sports facilities will improve the medical and health institutions, catering entertainment features complete. Initially established a market economy and adapt to the market system and social security system.

sound investment environment and favorable geographical position, attracted a large number of foreign investment in Xiaogan Societe Generale; Sanjiang Renault Automobile Co., Ltd., Siemens Vacuum Tube Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong-chang Transportation Development Co., Ltd. , Plaster-State Industrial Development Co., Ltd., and other more than 260 Sino-foreign joint ventures, Chinese-foreign cooperative, foreign-owned enterprises settled in Xiaogan, promoted the rapid economic development in Xiaogan.