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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Morgan  Date: 08-25 2008  
Abbreviations: Hong Kong

-?? home: in the South China Sea east coast of the Pearl River estuary from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories (including Lantau Island and more than 230 small islands). North at the Shenzhen River and the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in Guangdong Province phase grounding. West and across the sea from Macao, only 60 kilometers apart around.

administrative divisions: 10, two City.

-?? plot: 1,092 square kilometers

people ?? I: 6.816 million people

people ?? Family: mainly Chinese, British and other foreigners account for about 3%

language ?? statement: Chinese, English (official language), Cantonese

in ?? Education: Buddhism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and so on

international code: 852 Map of Hong Kong

150 years ago, Hong Kong has been described as a barren place, to date, has developed As an international financial and trade center, ranks among the world#39;s metropolis as well. Apart from Hong Kong has the world#39;s best deep-water port, can be said that no other natural resources. Hong Kong#39;s working population of about 3.5 million. People#39;s hard work, flexible, highly educated and entrepreneurial spirit to make Hong Kong a strong productivity, creativity endless city.

Hong Kong under British rule a half century later, in July 1, 1997 to become China#39;s Special Administrative Region. According to the "Basic Law", Hong Kong#39;s existing economic, legal and social systems to maintain at least 50 years. In addition to defense and foreign affairs, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will enjoy a high degree of autonomy.

southeast of Hong Kong, China, is the development of the rapidly growing East Asian region#39;s hub, excellent geographical conditions. Hong Kong#39;s total area of 1,103 square kilometers from Hong Kong Island, is separated by a sea of the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories (including 262 Islands), composed of more concentrated in the outskirts of the New Territories.

Hong Kong to promote and practise free trade ─ have a free and open investment regime, with no trade barriers to foreign investors alike, the free flow of capital, The rule of law system has a long history, regulatory transparency provisions, the tax rate low and clear.

Hong Kong has a superb structure lean and efficient government. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government-to superior efficiency, transparency and impartiality is known. Companies and individuals tax rate low, and easy to calculate. All along, Hong Kong for its support as possible to reduce the intervention policy, to support commercial and industrial development.

Hong Kong#39;s legal system is full of confidence. This system for the foundation of the common law, has a long history. The public and the Hong Kong people enjoy the rights and freedoms, the rule of law based on the impartiality of the system, the independence of the judiciary, a sound legal aid system and freedom of positive media.

Hong Kong known as the most popular destination cities in Asia. 2003, to Hong Kong by land, sea and air transport of passengers reached 15.5 million passengers, including most of the mainland and Taiwan visitors.

Hong Kong is a Chinese and Western cities, not only to retain the traditional Chinese culture and also by the impact of the British colonial era. Hong Kong is located in the coast of Guangdong, Local Color is strong, but also actively develop high-tech modern city. Hong Kong is an attractive tourist destination, in addition to the unique cultural heritage, including temples, walled villages, the ancestral hall and the rich colonial antiquities and monuments, suburban and rural areas is also no lack of leisure-a good place for exploration.

the Government#39;s efforts to enhance Hong Kong#39;s attractiveness as a tourist hotspot, is now embarked on a number of exciting projects, including the International Wetland Park, a new world-class performing arts venues, leading to the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island The cable car system and the Central heart of the Civic Center restaurants.

, Tedishini Government and the company reached an agreement in Hong Kong to build a world-class international theme park, resort hotel and a shopping, dining and entertainment center, so that Hong Kong as an international tourist destination Into the new millennium. Disney#39;s choice of Hong Kong (after Tokyo, after Paris) for its third international theme parks overseas, as evidenced by the confidence of Hong Kong. The scheme will provide the best recreational facilities, the people of Hong Kong added to the glamorous life. I of the first Disney theme park on Lantau Island, an area of 126 hectares, will be completed in 2005 opening.

Hong Kong (hongkong) is a young city, is a miracle and the myth of the city, is a very exciting city. World-class buildings, fast-paced life, fashion modern entertainment, all highlighted the city#39;s stunning charm.

Hong Kong is a living paradise, set all kinds of joy in one place. In Hong Kong, can view the beautiful natural scenery, and get the various commercial civilization to enjoy both can be steeped in modern society#39;s material pleasures, the same can also revisit the old times, Park true way of life.

Hong Kong is also a legend of a city. From a little-known small fishing village to the heart of the city, from the colonial to the world#39;s first implementation of "one country, two systems", Hong Kong has experienced the vicissitudes of history, more mature, the more inclusive.

"City of Life" Hong Kong people is the focus of attention, is feeling the lives of local people.