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XiangFan - HuBei

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Area: 19,800 square km

total population: 5000000

position: Xiangfan in Hubei Province in the northwest, the middle reaches of Hanjiang River, Yangyang and Fan Cheng said of the

administrative divisions: Yangyang, Nan Zhang, Baokang, Gucheng County, and four Zaoyang, the old river mouth, Yicheng three county-level city

Xiangfan in Hubei Province in the northwest, was hailed as the people of the Han River on a pearl. Yangtze River#39;s largest tributary Hanjiang River, originating from the Shaanxi Ningqiang County, through the high mountains Chongming Hill, Pentium roar, the inflow of Hubei, following in the Danjiangkou people into the territory of Xiangfan City, turned into a 300-ton ships can carry the golden waterway. Han River south bank of the Daba Mountain and the north shore of the Qinling Mountains, Shaan-Gan from the border zone from west to east, in the western sector of Xiangfan reached its end. Xiangfan City in the east, the Tongbai-Dabie connection, Miangen Trinidad, Henan and Hubei provinces completely separate from the South carry Xiangfan North, Central Plains and the land linking the Jianghan Plain.


Xiangfan City was irregular square, the terrain is China#39;s second ladder to the third step transition zone. Jingshan Mountains to the west Fang Yu Mo Wudang Mountain in the mountains, the eastern part of the Tongbai Mountain Tai Hongshan and the hilly area, located in the northern part of Wudang Mountain, between the Tongbai Mountain, Su said, "Ebei Kong", the Hanshui River Valley And the southern region for the more open the alluvial plain. The region is a subtropical monsoon climate, with an average annual temperature of 15-16 o c, about 1,000 mm in precipitation, with the transition of China#39;s north-south type of climate characteristics.

Xiangfan photos Xiangfan City in 1987 by the State Council announced a national historical and cultural city. City have been identified within the period of more than 200 cultural sites, some cultural relics堪称world. 1990-1992 Diaolong in Zaoyang City, a monument to explore the original clan commune Neolithic settlement sites, since about 6000, has rich connotations and unique, is a new culture types. Qin and Han dynasties before the storm for the Xiangfan City, Lu, Ruo, Romania, Yan Gu, Li, with Tang and other诸侯the city, followed by Chu-Habitat, the Qin and Han after the three countries is the center of regional and cultural history of the city of Li Zhao.

Xiangfan堪称the history of music is a land of culture. As early as the legends of the Yan Emperor Shennong, the era of Yao and Shun, the Yan Emperor invented the Sirleaf, the creation of the "harvest of the Choir", Shundi created a "Xunfeng song." Some experts think that the monument Zaoyang Diaolong ancient cultural sites, is the Yan Emperor Shennong, the era of tribal life-sun remains. Xiangfan music source, the firm can be traced back to the "Book of Songs Han Guang." "Han Guang" is structured in four poems. This is characteristic of the northern folk songs, by the end of the sentence particle "thinking", or "xi", which is a sign Nanyin. This North-South integration of the crystallization of music culture, is the precursor Songs of the South, North-South style of music in Xiangfan is a combination of the characteristics of the beginning of overcharging.

Xiangfan picture

Xiangfan City is the "national historical and cultural cities", "China#39;s excellent tourist cities" in China#39;s charm cctv competitions in the city, from Xiangfan City in more than 600 Cenping come to the fore, shortlisted "Ten charm city." Xiangfan has 2800 years of history of the founding of the city, the first Chinese city pool intact. Zhuge Liang embodiment of the wisdom of the Chinese nation in Yangyang, 13 km west of the Gurung of the resident 10 years, the achievements of the well-known "before and after Chu Shibiao" and "Long Zhongdui" Wenmingzhongwai the "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" 120 Huizhong, 31 back Xiangfan, in this land. Mi Fu, Meng Haoran, Zhang and Song Yu, such as a large number of civilian Fellows Xiangfan to the earth more humanistic background. There are national, 36 provincial-level scenic areas, including Gurung for 4 a state-level scenic spots.

Xiangfan Towards universal Zhuge Xiangfan "Masters Performance and Championship", exhibition by five continents Dongfeng Qinba Xinzi. Zhuge wisdom of the rural people are surmount the Xiangfan, seize the opportunity and comprehensively building a well-off society and strive to Xiangfan from the history of businessmen built the military battleground battleground. We warmly welcome friends at home and abroad for sightseeing in Xiangfan, to discuss cooperation, join hands in creating a better future!