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XianTao - HuBei

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: William  Date: 08-12 2008  More Attractions
Zip Code: 433000

code: 07214

Population: 1.5 million

Area: 2,538 square kilometers

administrative divisions: 4 exempted streets six rural town 19

Xiantao City, is an emerging city, Hubei province in the "Golden Triangle" (Xiangfan, Yichang, a city of Huangshi three triangle) priority development areas And the center of the "two#39;s" (the Yangtze River and Hanjiang River) economic development zone on the intersection. East rely on mega-cities of Wuhan, west of Jingzhou city. Wu (Wuhan) to (Yichang) and the National Highway running through the whole territory, the trip up to one hour in Hong Kong, Wuhan, Hankou Railway Station and the Tianhe Airport. Total area of 2,538 square kilometers, of which urban area of 30 square kilometers, the total population of 1.474 million, of which City resident population 300,000.

Xiantao a subtropical monsoon climate, a north-south and to the climate characteristics. Its natural resources very rich country is an important grain, cotton, fish, oil production base. In Yimapingchuan, vertical and horizontal rivers, lakes large and pleasant scenery, with strong characteristics of the Water Village.

Xiantao ZHONG Ling Yuxiu, the humanities have obvious advantages. Xiantao#39;s gymnastics is the only town, is the famous "champion" of the township and village culture. Li Xiao-emerged in the pairs, Li Dashuang, Yang Wei and Zheng Lihui, and so on a number of world champion. Mianyang-Drum drama, shadow play享誉海内外.

in surging tide of reform and opening up, people waved as Xiantao Chuan Jubi, and write a new chapter in the crime and health care: in 1991, Xiantao into the top 100 of the county (city) ranks: 1992 Eight consecutive years since being named the top 10 cities and counties in Hubei Province overall strength of the first: 2000, achieved a GDP of 11.31 billion yuan, and exports of 1.28 billion yuan acquisition, municipal revenue billion, the rural per capita net income 2991 Yuan.

Xiantao the national economy become the main industry, has formed to textile, apparel, machinery, electronics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food, light industry, building material industries as the mainstay of the wide range of industrial production system , The pattern has formed an export-oriented economy, foreign trade products exported more than 40 countries and regions. Has been the establishment of 107 foreign funded enterprises, introduction of foreign investment 250 million U.S. dollars, urban infrastructure keep complete and city functions increasingly sound.

the province#39;s largest county has a passenger terminal building, urban water supply coverage rate of 100%. China and South Africa have built urban areas of the county or city level first-class telecommunications building, program-controlled telephones can be made by dialling throughout the country and the world more than 200 countries and regions, optical fiber communications, digital microwave mobile telephone wireless paging all open. Strip city parks, star hotels, high-grade dance halls and sauna, shopping, health care, schools, sports centres (market), television broadcasting, and other variety of Chengdong 7.3 square kilometers of the basic formation of economic and technological development zones, Tied for the development of the province.

Xiantao With the rapid economic development and the continuous deepening of opening to the outside world, will further consolidate and strengthen its base in the Jianghan Plain in the city#39;s economic, cultural, transport and trade circulation center. Is building in Xiantao City will become a "star city Jingchu, Water Garden City, modern medium-sized cities"

Xiantao City warmly welcomes the public to invest tourism exempted county-level city in Hubei province, population 1.5 million, area 2,538 square kilometers, the four streets jurisdiction 6 rural town 19, the city streets in the sand spit.