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XianNing - HuBei

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Blake  Date: 08-09 2008  More Attractions
Zip Code: 437000

code: 0715

Population: 272 million people

administrative divisions: exempted a total of 40 counties in one district

location: Xianning City in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, south-eastern Hubei Province, East Bin northern Jiangxi, Xiaoxiang the south, west Jingchu, Beiyi Wuhan

in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, Hubei Province The southeast. Southeast and Ruichang in Jiangxi, Wuning, Xiushui border; southwest of the junction with the Hunan#39;s Yueyang, to the northwest and northeast areas of Jingzhou, Wuhan, Huangshi City, Huanggang adjacent areas.

Xianning region has a long history. As early as the Neolithic Age, human ancestors in this land home to propagate in the new-and-Hill and other places have found ancient Neolithic sites. Han, Tang period, has a more developed economy and culture. In 1965, the region separated from Xiaogan, Xianning set up the region, Spa town for the Civil Administration in the seat of Xianning.

Xianning Lint products is extremely rich region, particularly rich Nan Zhu, China fir pine, tea, osmanthus, Mi Jie, waiting for the Kiwi said. Xianning City is China#39;s famous "land of osmanthus," Osmanthus quality in the nation first, production second in the nation. Zhaoliqiao the "brick tea", Yangloudong the "Song-feng" tea, Xianning "Jianfeng" tea, bamboo technology, a high visibility.

Xianning is a most appropriate Residence leisure city. High Yundan days here, clean air, urban air pollution index stable at 52 the following year, the two countries meet quality standards, the quality of rivers and lakes, most countries reached 1, 2 Lei Shuizhi standards, best suited to people#39;s lives and living for The development of the environmental quality of higher education and high-tech industries, most of harmony between man and nature reunification. Spa City, a large Yishanbangshui, environmental Qingyou the treasure land for the construction of garden villas and tourism group, convalescent resorts, has a number of central and provincial units in the construction of hotels and nursing homes. JIUGONGSHAN Lake in the Clouds, Nearly 100 bodies have been in this business acquisition or construction of real estate, leisure.