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XiQingQu - TianJin

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Tianjin area. Tianjin in the west. Area of 570.8 square kilometers. Population of 317,000 people. Green jurisdiction willow, Procyon and two satellite towns on the mouth Xin, Chang Wo, Dasi, in the north ramp, the West camps, 7 Li Zhuang Zhuang and Wang Wen seven towns and willow Green streets, and other two offices. Central Government Green Township resident willow Xinhua Road.
West Tsing District low-lying flat, a temperate-continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons. The northern part of the history of the canal to channel water, village-intensive, economic prosperity, many in southern Wadian, has been turned into rice and fresh water breeding base. Ap amylin reservoir capacity of 30 million cubic meters. 15,456 hectares of farmland region, the main producing wheat, corn, rice, and so on. Lee House, Tianjin, Chinese cabbage for one of the four specializes, Shawo Green radish cultivation history of 200 years, is the traditional export pruducts. 5,067 hectares of freshwater breeding base, with an annual output of 20,200 tons of freshwater fish, to the north of the Yangtze River#39;s largest fish culture zones (county), Tianjin listed fish accounted for about 40 percent of the total market. Township industrial enterprises in 1439. Industrial layout has been built outside the NOL as the axis of the top five production bases, constitutes a chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, electrical and mechanical, metal products, and other 13 major industries, more than 1,000 kinds of products. The region has 2,150 business outlets, agricultural and sideline products wholesale market and farmer#39;s market share of the 10 groups, there are six rural markets. Yang Liu Qing history of the town over the Millennium, is the birthplace of China#39;s three major woodcut New Year pictures is one of the auto industry in Tianjin mainly to the largest satellite towns. There are 10 million people, built area of 12.8 square kilometers have been built Qingyun, by the way, such as 10 residential areas, the living space of 2.9 square kilometers of urban green area of 136 hectares, has built up one kilometer of the willow Green Park , Outside the town is building an area of 200 hectares of forest parks. Land accessibility, through the Beijing-Shanghai railway, one with two points. Jing-fu, Tianjin and the four local roads and highways and roads through the town 48. The existence of the 173 kindergartens, 14 primary schools, 12 junior secondary schools, seven high school, vocational, college four, health facilities have four district hospitals, seven-level hospitals, specialist medical centres 2. A movie theater, club workers, the elderly activity centre, the Palais juvenile science and technology, cultural centers, stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, and other cultural and sports facilities. All townships have Wenhua Zhan, a cultural village room, civil Fair 56 active civil society. The region has five municipal heritage conservation units: Yang Liu Qing Museum is located in North China the first stone house ------ Jia Taiyuan, the museum displays the local folk art quality, building on the wood carving, stone carving, brick Thai known as "China Sanjue" Beiping-Tianjin Campaign Tianjin front-line headquarters site galleries; Wenchang Pavilion; late Qing Early Republic of China patriotic and martial arts family home Fearless tomb; Lee Township Wang Lan Village 7 in 1936 against Japanese aggression for national salvation of young students in Tianjin Monument at the site of justice.