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position: Xining, Qinghai Province is located in the east, tributaries of Hehuang water upper reaches of the Yellow River valley, surrounded by mountains, the three-convergence, the gateway to the East recapped the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.

Area: 7,765 square kilometers

Population: 1.8 million, of which the urban population of 680,000 people

nation: City Han, soil, Tibetan, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu, Sarah, and other 35 ethnic minorities, minority population accounts for a quarter of the total population

administrative divisions: four districts in Xining City, Xian Xia (Joto, the city, Story, Cheng Beiqu) three counties (in Datong County, in Huangzhong County, Huangyuan Xian).

Bianzhou the shape of the leaf in Xining city, the gateway to the East recapped the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Qinghai Province in the east, tributaries of Hehuang water upper reaches of the Yellow River, surrounded by mountains, the three-convergence, the city water and its tributaries slowly Huang East to flow. Here, the highest elevation of 4,394 meters, 2,275 meters above sea level urban centres, is a semi-arid plateau continental climate. No cold winter and summer without the heat, Xining City Yishanbangshui. Nan Chansi, North Monastery condescending panoramic view of Xining. Summer here willow wood and nice and cool, summer is the tourist resort. The city#39;s People#39;s Park, children#39;s playground, and so on. Green Cong between the artificial lake water rafting in summer can be, is the natural skating rink in winter.


Beishan Yanyu - Xining eight scenic spots in the ancient legacy of the most perfect of a King, in the face of the natural world this magical good fortune, you will read in a twinkling of an eye both air million. Stripping thousands of years of wind and rain erosion ghost ax Magic Power, created this or Zhuangru floor repeatedly, or if the pagoda air Qifeng. At first rain of the plateau climate, eyes, and the northern mountains to play, the rain is the best Shengjing Tour of the Beishan. Qing dynasty poet Zhang Sixian had painted: "Beishan faint fuzzy tree, Yanyuzhaozhao into the drawing." Yan Yu in the Beishan can really feel faint fuzzy, the ink picturesque mood. Dian-standing struggle mother, Dian canopies such as dripping beads, Yu Mu in the group over the floor like a Qingsha, such as vertical and horizontal road several rough Mexico, the Mexican movie woods like desalination exaggerated. Yao Wang Zhong Nanshan, it may not see it, the shape of implicit and just God. Only the northern mountains on top of the Tang Dynasty architectural style Nazuo the Ningshou tower, in Yanyu still stands in the dim, like a well-Fengshuang the Laoseng, Cangmang in meditation in the world, is a tourist attraction for the city of Xining.

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in Xining, an East is not the Commissioner of Muslim Dasi, the entire Dasi Diannei are more simple and elegant, solemn and full of rich Islamic characteristics. Xiongqi temple construction, sitting west of the East, with China#39;s national classical style of architecture and construction characteristics, Thai Liang Cai canopies, splendid, spacious Diannei large, tall, bright, can accommodate more than 3,000 Muslims to worship.

in Xining City, NATO#39;s 40 km classic Hill, also known as the six New Moon Mountain, a hill fire Desk, Lao Hudong and ancient temple ruins. Cliff were the main peak southwest, north and the Yak-relative. Unexpected peaks, steep valleys幽深. Lush forests in the mountains, beautiful scenery, plus the high altitude climate variability, or the invading sun, or drizzle Feifei, or Nongyun clouds, or gas-tannoy. Take a look, the sea of clouds Cangmang, walk through the forest, do not have some humorous.

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the vehicles, Xining, Qinghai Province and the scenic mountains, the bar in the east of Qinghai Lake, a spur of Qilian Mountain, located 40 kilometers southwest of Huangyuan, is Huangyuan, at the junction of the Republican counties And animal husbandry is the agricultural area to the transition area lots. It#39;s 3500 meters above sea level, the Peak with red rocks exposed, the Gucheng Chiling. Legend was left Changan Princess Wen Cheng-Yuan Wang Fu Xicang boarded this, Cangcang days, the vast road, thousands of thoughts, then Tang Taizong and the Queen has given her "the sun and the moon Baojing" as, what can also see, Wannianjuhui, Baojing will throw in the foot of the mountain, and our successors to the sun and the moon named on the mountain. This is the visitors into an indispensable part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau place, it is the "West Sea wall", "Prairie portal," said. Shandong is the sun and the moon Huangshui valleys fertile farming culture, the West is the grasslands of Qinghai lake grazing culture, economic and cultural landscape of natural things clear. The mountain or the Silk Road and Tangfangudao Qiang golden mean of the throat, and Tang in 734 AD Tibetan Qianshi built in this submission, the sentinel for the tea-horse trade, and officially established its border pass, the construction of a rather SHI Bao-renowned city and left many cultural-district.


Xining Xia Liang Qiu Shuang, is an ideal summer resort, splendid culture Hehuang again this is nice and cool in the summer added numerous charm. Old Hill, the Tiger Taiwan, North Temple, Muslim Dasi, the vehicles, Bird Island, nor salt bridge, Mengda Nature Reserve, and so full of idyllic tourist spots so that tourists will Liulianwangfan.

take a long-term perspective, the first dam the upper reaches of the Yellow River Longyangxia the magnificent wide, flashing silver in Qinghai Lake, Bibo million dumping; Salt Lake Caifeng, Poem picturesque vast grasslands, rivers and water sources Cuican dazzling , Salt Lake Guangcaizhaoren the scenery, it will all be interested visitors each doubled, Sigui home.