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Code: 0479

Zip code: 026000

Area: 202,580 square kilometers.

Population: 920,000.

position: in the Xilin Gol League Central.

divisions: Xilin Gol League administered Xilinhot City, Erlianhaote City, Duolun County, Abagaqi, Xiwu flag-Qin, Qin East-Ukrainian flag, Sonid Right Banner, Sonid Right Banner, Taibus County , Zhengxiangbaiqi, Zhenglan Banner, Xiang Huangqi.

beautiful and richly endowed the Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia in central and northern borders with Mongolia, a total area of 200,000 square kilometers, 9 flag jurisdiction in a county with a total population of about 920,000 people, the AU Civil Administration In the Xilin Hot City.


Xilin Gol League with its vast grassland, rich resources and unique scenery Chimingzhongwai. in this 203,000 square kilometers of green land, there#39;s only been included in the International Biosphere Nature Reserve in the grasslands of Mongolia to China are the only railway crossings, the ownership of a Bi-10,000 ares of natural pastures and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, one quarter of the cattle and sheep. Here is a veritable treasure house of the green. Is anywhere in the world they can not replace the grassland tourist destination.

Xilin Gol League photos Xilin Gol League has a fine natural pastures, water plants Feimei, beautiful, is one of the world civilization in a vast desert, is also China#39;s four major grassland in Inner Mongolia grassland natural grassland. Many here not only vegetation types, but also very rich in plant species. For the development of animal husbandry provides a good ecological environment. Xilin Gol League has 180,000 square kilometers can make use of grasslands, livestock and stability in the scale of eight consecutive years 10 million (only) above. Pollution-free high-quality animal products sold throughout the country and all over Japan, the Middle East market and Hong Kong. Xilin Gol horse, Wuzhumuqin fat tail sheep, grassland Red Bull, Sonid sheep, Wuzhumuqin Cashmere goats, camels Sonid, Inner Mongolia fine-wool sheep and a series of fine Xu Zhong, in the domestic and international markets to Very high reputation.

Xilin Gol League in Inner Mongolia Plateau Central, is a high plain as the mainstay and a variety of landforms unit composed of both areas. North and the Mongolian People#39;s Republic border, the border 1,095 kilometers long; Wulanchabu League West and the junction; South and Zhangjiakou, Chengde, adjacent to East and Chifeng City, Zhe Limu UNITA, the Xing#39;an League connected. Over 700 km long East and West, North and South more than 500 km wide, a total area of 202,580 square kilometers. UNITA has Erlianhaote-Enga and Darboux its two land crossings by Erlianhaote ULAN BATOR, Mongolia to international rail direct access to Moscow. Set in the Second (Jining - Erlian) rail line through the western Ximeng, set-(Jining - Tongliao) railway crossing in southern Ximeng.
Xilinhot City, the seat of the AU is an emerging prairie city.

Xilin Gol League picture Xilin Gol prairie, is now China#39;s vegetation and landscapes more well-preserved one of the grassland, can be divided into five categories, namely meadow grassland, the typical grassland, desert grassland, sandy grassland vegetation and other categories . Grassland area of 180,000 square kilometers, of which meadow and steppe grasslands of 65 percent. Whenever the summer season blooming flowers, green grassland; late autumn gold in a vast desert in the Chuifu Fenger roller under the grass waves, abnormal charming scenery. On the grassland also distributed more than 20 large and small rivers and 470 lakes over the size, growth of more than 1,200 kinds of wild plant seeds, medicinal plants and Siyongzhiwu points; aquaculture most of a variety of fish; have been included in the key state protection Wild birds and mammals, 100 species have.

Ximeng the reed grassland resources is extremely rich area of 43 hectares, mainly located in the Urals covered River basin, from 1 m - 2.9 meters high level of reserves for the reed 172,000 tons. Ximeng paper industry is the major raw material production base. Reed resources development prospects are very broad. Xilin Gol League is your tour, tourism, study, the ideal place for investment. Xilinhot City, 30 kilometers away from the white-tin Le Nature Reserve, is China#39;s only international biosphere reserve by UNESCO into the grassland nature reserves.

Xilin Xilin Gol Grassland a large number of natural, human landscape, here are built Yuqin, Liao, Jin Dynasty ruins of the ancient Great Wall, a Turkic people left the mysterious Shiren, Yongle Emperor Zhu Di was stationed during the North levy The army, and Ming monument, "Yuen Shi Po," and "immediately peak", the capital of the Yuan Dynasty Capital sites, then the succession Kublai Khan in Mongolia, had this as a temporary capital, with the capital of the Yuan Dynasty said the two All. Pui ancient temples of the temple, built in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong six years, after seven generations living Buddhas from intensive. In recent years, the local government has invested 1 million yuan for Tony Temple of the recovery, repair work, Pui of the temple through the vicissitudes of life, will gradually return past glory. Dinosaur cemetery "-Ghoul", the dinosaur fossils have been found with bird-like Asia, the gull#39;s Alai Long, Jiang Shi-Buck, Mongolia, Manchuria, and so long. In recent years, new mining to Chagannuoer dragon fossil is the largest in Asia, the most complete dinosaur fossils.

thriving tourism grassland - Saibei vary Painting Poetry forthright throughout the Xilin Gol grassland, with the sweet milk of mothers raising the eagle as the nation; flowed slowly over a long period and also formed a national Mongolia The ancient flutter Chun-Hou#39;s style and unique customs. For many years, this ancient, mysterious land, so that once had a large number of Wenrenmoke the imaginations of many. The joy on the Prairie "that Damu", colorful wedding, the ancient "festival Aobao", and that Banlan national costumes, complicated and civilized decency ...... as a treasure house of culture, to enter Xilin Gol Grassland people Mubuxiajie.

grassland Pearl - all UNITA Xilin Hot City 12 Qixian City, as 12 of dazzling pearl, and inlaid in this piece of the carpet, and the Xilin Gol Grassland particularly beautiful dress, on the grassland of people like to use "Prairie Pearl" such a reputation to describe their own UNITA House.