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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Nathaniel  Date: 08-23 2008  More Attractions
Xicheng District in Beijing City Centre, north-west, rich tourism resources.
Xicheng District in Beijing is the capital city centre is one of the party and state authorities the location of the summit.
Xicheng District focus of our party and state organs of the Summit of the modern office. As China#39;s government, and military heads of agencies and their functions of the majority of premises, Xicheng District, political, and cultural exchanges with foreign exchanges and frequent, the political center is an important carrier, which embodies the political center of Beijing as a cultural centre and the nature and fully display Beijing#39;s historical and cultural city as a world civilization and the ancient city of characteristics. Xicheng District is a developed science and technology education, the galaxy of talent, is also financial, business and other economic activities in important areas, or the distribution flow, logistics, information flow one of the central region.
Xicheng District has a long history and ancient on the development and closely linked to the city. Here was the Yongding River Road, stagnant water into the lake, and beautiful. Since the Qin and Han were Jixian to the Five Dynasties and the Sui and Tang Dynasties. Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing were Wanping to.
yuan to four years (1267) in the capital in the north-east of the capital to create and Yuan Yuan 2009 (1272) have changed for the most in, naming the capital. Guo Shou-jing Yuanshizhu Emperor adopted the proposal, with white floating springs Rucheng, the convergence of Jishui Tan, cut Tonghui He Direct Tongzhou, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal south to Hangzhou and north to Haizi, not only to solve the capital of water and grain to a large number of goods delivered to the Kyoto Caojing. At that time, Shi Shahai coastal prosperity anomaly, restaurants everywhere song Taiwan, Zhu Lubi Jishui Tan in the water, in the vicinity of Tiananmen Square as the Kyoto business, the market centres.
in modern revolutionary movement, a group of the great revolutionaries, politicians, thinkers, writers, artists are here to create a brilliant performance. Unique human landscape, rich cultural reserves constitute the cultural characteristics of the West City.
Xicheng district unique cultural heritage tourism resources, the Beihai Park, Zhongnanhai, Shi Shahai, bell Gulou, Green Avenue, Deshengmen Jianlou, and so reflects the historical and cultural cities as Beijing, the ancient capital of the world civilization and the modern metropolis of the basic characteristics, history Profound cultural background.