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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Jonathan  Date: 08-06 2008  
Area: 10,000 square kilometers more than 120

Population: 245 million, of which the Tibetan population of 2.09 million.

position: the world#39;s largest maximum is located in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with an average 1,000 meters above sea level 4, the Himalayas and south India, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Myanmar and other countries bordering. North and east of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan, and Yunnan provinces and regions adjacent to.

capital: Lhasa Tibet map

Tibet Autonomous Region, or possession. Tibet, located in the southwest edge of the People#39;s Republic of China, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in southwest, east longitude 78 ° 25 #39;to 99 ° 06#39;, latitude 26 ° 44 #39;to 36 ° 32#39; between. Area of over 1.2 million square kilometers, accounting for 1 /8, an average elevation of 4,000 meters above, there is a "roof of the world," said the main part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. It north Xinjiang, connecting the northeast of Qinghai, Sichuan and connected to the east, southeast and neighboring Yunnan Province, south and west with Myanmar, India, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal border, near the border 4,000 kilometers, is China#39;s ties with the South Asian subcontinent Ties. During this period, Miangen a great many mountains, with numerous fast racing current flow, the length and breadth of the plateau lakes, Linhai Mangmang, Taosheng Miles. Tibet#39;s SAR into a prefecture-level cities and six districts, administered a county-level cities, 70 counties and one county, a county district, two county-level offices, 899 townships, 31 Town. Autonomous Region in Lhasa, the capital city. Tibet, the ancient Qiang, and Rong. Tang and Song Si for the Tibetan. Xuanzheng yuan for the hospital district Wusi, possession, satisfaction, speed guru Sun, and other three-way Xuanwei to the Secretary. By Ming-yuan, is still "Wu Si possession." Qing Dynasty: "Guardian" (Qiancang), "possession" (after possession), "Caledonia wood" (Kang), "Ali" four, as in China Xijing, it collectively, the "Tibet." "Tibet", the Qing Emperor Kangxi first seen at 2002 (1663 AD). The peaceful liberation of Tibet in 1951. 1956 incorporated into the original Xi Kangsheng Qamdo in Tibet. September 9, 1965, the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region. "Possession" is the name given by the Chinese and Tibetan has always claiming to be a "fan" (bo broadcast). Chinese Tang Dynasty when translated as "Tibetan", according to the English translation for "tibet". Tibetan Plateau Into the sea, has been an increasing number of scientific investigation and found the proof. However, the source is not high in overnight formation, but rather slowly changing, but recent changes in the earth#39;s crust millions of years before the sharp rise in high source of uplift. In recent years the Himalayan peak of Mount Everest to the determination that the plateau is still kept up with this increase in speed to save history is amazing, but only on January 2, 2001 increased by just centimeters. The capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region is the city of Lhasa, Lhasa (Tibetan word for "holy places") is Tibet#39;s political, economic, transport, cultural, religious centres. Tibet terrain Gao Jun, an altitude over 8,000 meters above the peak reached 11, standing in the Mount Everest-Nepal border as high as 8848.13 meters, is the world#39;s first summit, also known as "The Earth is the third." In central and northern Tibet have Gangdise mountains, read QINGTANG Dracula Hill, Queensland and Tong Dracula Cangshan Mountain and other mountains. In the eastern part of the famous Hengduan Mountains region. Mountains and mountains between the distribution of the plateau and the valley. Tibetan people Mainly to agriculture and animal husbandry, urban residents more engaged in handicraft, industrial and commercial. Tibetans believe in Tibetan Buddhism, warm cheerful, Nenggeshanwu. Religion in Tibet has a long and profound impact on residents (other than the Han Chinese,) the majority of religious belief, including Tibetan, Men Bazu, such as Luo Bazu believe in Tibetan Buddhism, the Hui Muslim. Tibetan Buddhism most affected. Tibetan Buddhism is Mahayana Buddhism, marked secret ready, especially heavy Tantric. It is the fourth century since the foreign Buddhism and the Tibetan original of this long-term impact on each other, fight each other in the course of 10% with strong Local Color of the Tibetan Buddhism, has been circulated in the possession of more than 1,000 years of history. Formation of a number of independent religious sect, which in addition to the original of this, there are "Ning Mapai" (commonly known as the Red Sect), "Sakya faction" (commonly known as the flower), "Gaju Pai" (commonly known as the White Sect) "Gelug Sect" (commonly known as the Yellow Sect). Ji-AD 16, the practice of politics and religion in Tibet system, therefore, both in people#39;s minds, or in the production and life, customs, have a strong religion (Buddhism) color, religious activities become a major The majority of people, an integral part of life.

Tibet in southwest China, where both the unique scenery of snow-covered plateau, the southern part of the country have charming charisma, and the nature of this integration with the human landscape, but also to Tibet in the eyes of travellers with a truly unique charm . So far, there are many Tibetan plateau and the living habits of modern people have a great distance, is also due to a distance of only Tibet#39;s with all the ornamental value. Tibet is an exciting, coupled with the high altitude she would speed up the frequency of people beating heart, therefore, embarked on the plateau have had to use its experience to the entire physical and mental. If you think of travel in Tibet, can be the best preparation for a state of mind, you will not be a life experience shackles of the past, the wider world can be inclusive of mind. In this way, by geography, ethnicity, history, culture and beliefs will be caused by lack of resolve, you can be found where the beautiful people, where the culture is very rich,那片plateau is actually very cordial.