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Zip code: 710000

location and size: Xi#39;an in China#39;s landlocked hinterland of the middle reaches of the Yellow River, north of the Qinling Mountains, the Guanzhong Plain in Central. Total area of 9,977 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 816 square kilometers.

Population: 6680000

divisions: Metro administered, the Forest of Steles, Lianhu, Weiyang, Baqiao, Yan Liang, Yanta, Lintong, Chang#39;an District and nine weeks, Lam Tin, Gao Ling, Huxian County 4.

About Us: Xi#39;an and Athens, Rome, Cairo and the ancient city known as the world#39;s four major from the 11th century BC to about the 10th century AD, has a 13 Dynasty in Xi#39;an Capital, which lasted 11 years, including the Han, Tang Two generations, Xi#39;an is the heyday of history.

city tree: China Huai

#39;s floral emblem: Dan Liuhua

Xi#39;an is the capital of Shaanxi Province, the world-famous historical and cultural city, China#39;s central and western regions is an important scientific research, higher education, national defense technology industry and the high-tech industrial base. July 1992 approved by the State Council for the inland open cities, the new Eurasian Continental Bridge in China of the Long Hai-Lan new online largest central city. Xian Xia 9 District 4 County, a total area of 9,983 square kilometers, population 7.25 million people. In 2004 the city realized 109.587 billion yuan of GDP, the total annual income of 16.45 billion yuan, of which the local revenue of 8.606 billion yuan. Xi#39;an in the region Economic layout, the dong and the west of Xi#39;an, east of the western region of the geographical advantages, in the western development strategy is an important strategic position. Xi#39;an highlight the comparative advantages of the surface now three levels: a world-class tourism resources advantage of the national education and scientific research base for high-tech industries advantage of the regional financial and business centre and transport and information hub advantages. Through deepening reform and expanding opening up, China#39;s Xi#39;an is becoming an important inland cities.
unique tourism resources, both at home and abroad is well-known historical and cultural cities of the world. Xi#39;an, the Chinese nation is human civilization and the birthplace of fine traditional culture of a city built 3,100 years of history, has a week, Qin, Han and Tang dynasties, such as 13 here in the Capital, was once China#39;s political, economic and cultural centre The earliest opening to the outside world city, famous for HUANG Seoul#39;s "Silk Road" is to Xi#39;an as a starting point, with Athens, Rome, Cairo#39;s famous history of the world famous ancient capital. 1981 UNESCO organized the Xi#39;an identified as "historic city of the world."
Xi#39;an extremely rich cultural heritage. Xi#39;an has focused on heritage conservation in the 282 units, of which state-level key heritage preservation unit 34, the provincial-level key heritage preservation unit 72, the Museum for more than 12 pieces of cultural relics. Hailed as "the eighth world miracle" Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors and Horses Hang, the world#39;s most complete preservation, the largest ancient city wall - walls and Zhou Feng Xian Ming-ho, A Fanggong Qin, Han Chang#39;an, Tang Daming Gong four sites, All of valuable historical and cultural heritage of mankind. Rich historical and cultural heritage and unique natural state tourists at home and abroad to Xi#39;an to become the preferred tourism destinations.
Xi#39;an photos Since reform and opening up, Xi#39;an tourism infrastructure and industrial systems considerable size.年接待游客the city has 100,000 people over 20 scenic spots, the state 4 a class nine scenic spots, the end of the city#39;s 72 star-rated hotels, of which four five-star hotel, four-star hotel 13. The first was "China#39;s outstanding tourist city" title, Xi#39;an economic development of the tourism industry become a pillar industry and the major source of foreign exchange trade.
strong scientific and technological strength, higher education developed, is China#39;s education and scientific research as an important base of high-tech industries. Xi#39;an comprehensive scientific and technological strength ranking the forefront of major cities in the country, particularly in the aerospace, power transmission equipment, instruments, telecommunications, sewing machines, large fan, heavy-duty vehicles, textiles, watches and clocks, and other fields has strong scientific research, production . Xi#39;an existing state-level scientific research bases 9. Xi#39;an universities, research institutes many, has a group of up to international standards of open laboratories and domestic first-class pilot and testing equipment, some cutting-edge technology in the country are in a leading position. Xi#39;an 37 existing ordinary institutions of higher learning, private and other institutions of higher education 36, 334 doctoral, 826 master points, 60 state key disciplines, the provincial and ministerial level key disciplines 385. 2004, the city has identified 1,023 high-tech enterprises, high-tech products output value reached 38.5 billion yuan. 西安图片
recent years, Xi#39;an constantly optimize the layout of regional development, high-tech industry development zones, economic and technological development zones, Qujiang New District, Ba River Shui-ecological zones, Yanliang State Aviation high-tech industry base construction with remarkable results, formed a "Four bases in a" pattern of development of the new district, a Xi#39;an scientific and technological achievements into the central base of the window opening to the outside world and promote the development of new economic growth points. Xi#39;an High-tech Industrial Development Zone, 1991 3 menstrual approval of the State Council as a state-level high-tech zones, the Ministry of Science and Technology and was named the National one of the top 10 advanced high-tech zones. In 1997, the Xi#39;an high-tech development zones approved by the State Council of China#39;s first batch of four pairs of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (apec) members of the special opening of the High-tech Park is one of the State "15" key construction period of five national demonstration of high-tech zones 1. Xi#39;an 2002, Xi#39;an high-tech zones by the United Nations Industrial Organization study finds that six of China#39;s most dynamic cities in one of the region. At present, Xi#39;an High-tech Zone has become China#39;s western region#39;s largest scientific research, production, commerce, housing, culture, education and entertainment in one of the high-tech industrial park. U.S. companies have ibm, Netherlands Philips, and other 46 world top 500 enterprises stationed in and the world-famous high-tech zones. In 2003, the Xi#39;an High-tech Zone was selected as the investment environment in China 50 integrity security zone. Xi#39;an Economic and Technological Development Zone in September 1993 officially started construction, in February 2000 by the State Council officially approved as a state-level economic development zone, the region has only NT at the national level export processing zones, Xi#39;an is the window opening to the outside world. Japan#39;s Mitsubishi have been, the United States, such as Coca-Cola 12 world top 500 enterprises investing in the region. Qujiang New District Culture and Tourism led the implementation of the strategy, speed up infrastructure construction, has become a new tourist highlight of Xi#39;an. Ba River Shui-ecological zones, Yanliang State Aviation high-tech industry base, such as work progressed smoothly introduced into the economy Xi#39;an new growth points.
clutching the history of the great western development opportunities and momentum, all the work to create a new situation. In recent years, the city#39;s conscientiously implement the national and provincial party committee and government of the work arrangements, on the western development, Xian development, persist in emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, advance with the times, blaze new trails, proposed a "western Jingjiqiangshi, and Xi#39;an west best "objective of the struggle. Xi#39;an
Xi#39;an is not just ancient, modern, not just a rich historical and cultural accumulation of the ancient city and the development of a vibrant and full of vitality and hope that the modern city, but also friends of the party hot land for investment in Societe Generale. We sincerely invite you to Xi#39;an to conspiracy cooperation and common development.