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WuXi - JiangSu

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Zip code: 214000

position: located in southern Jiangsu Province, the center of the Yangtze River Delta, south of Taihu Lake, the North according to the Yangtze River, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the procession, the south of Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province, west of Changzhou City, east of Suzhou City, 177 km west of Nanjing, Shanghai Dongju 126 km.

Area: total area of 4,650 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1,931 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 5.18 million.

divisions: exempted Tzong, South long, Beitang, New Area, Xishan, Huishan, Binhu 7, Jiangyin and Yixing, as well as two county-level city.

#39;s floral emblem: the azaleas, plum blossom

City origin of the name: According to "History" records, Zhou, Qin, in Wuxi Xishan more tin ore, residents compete excavation. Early Han Dynasty, to open the tin, Gu Ming, "Wuxi."

Wuxi build History: Wuxi Gaozu five years at the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC) built the county, is Huiji County. The three countries, Sun Wu spent Wuxi County, west of the Wuxi County for the Cultivation, agricultural XiaoWei home Piling Code. Tai Hong, 2002 Western Jin Dynasty (281)-Purchase of Wuxi County, a Piling County. Yuan Yuan Zhen Yuan (1295) or for the state of Wuxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Executive Secretariat of Changzhou Road. Hong-the first year (1368), also down to the county, the Changzhou Fu Zhong Shusheng. Qing Emperor Yongzheng, 2002 (1724), the Wuxi County for Wuxi, Golden counties are Changzhou Fu. In the first year (1912) are still two counties combined, Wuxi County, said Fu, an Su-Chang Road. In 16 (1927), directly under the Wuxi County in Jiangsu Province. April 23, 1949 after the liberation of Wuxi, Wuxi County for at Wuxi City, Wuxi County, southern Jiangsu Wuxi City, the immediate area. Built in 1953 in Jiangsu Province, Wuxi City, as provincial cities. March 1, 1983 implementation of市管县体制, Shixia Jiangyin in Wuxi, Wuxi, Yixing three counties. April 1987, March 1988, June 1995 Jiangyin and Yixing, located in Wuxi City, the county has dismantling. January 2001, dismantling Xishan City (formerly Wuxi County) are Xishan District, Hui Shanqu.


as early as the Liuqiqiannian ago, our ancestors on this land in Wuxi labor, interest-bearing, and multiply and live a settled life. Sound PENG Zu pier in Che-hung, the new pier Du Temple, Bridge: GE-Kan Tai-yu pier and Qi Lu Huadang and other places, have inhabited the original clan points. Wuxi ancestors of the original culture has a horse-Hamamatsu culture, Song-taek, cultural and Liangzhu culture. They have their own wisdom and hard work, creativity and enrich the Taihu Lake Basin splendid ancient culture.

Wuxi photos BC 11 end of the century, the ancient Father Dan (that is, Mrs Chow Wang), the eldest son of Tai Bo, the second son of Zhong Yong Wang in order to allow Sandi calendar quarter, from now is Shaanxi Qishan Nanbenjingman settlers Lennart Meri (now the Xishan city-village), and do as the Romans do, breaking发文body. Tai Po by the local people#39;s support, Li Feng was for the monarchy, since, "Gou Wu." Tai Bo led the people Xingxiu water conservation, development of farming. Legend has it he led the people dug dozens of kilometers long of Tai Bo Du (commonly known as Peter Du Hong Kong). Also Zaisang sericulture, ceramic Yetong, "a few years, the people Yan Fu." After weeks to eliminate, not because of too-Bo, Zhou Wuwang Zhuifengzhongyong of Chapter V SUN Zhou WU Jun, Wu Jian. Helv from Tai Bo to a total of 24 World, before and after 600 years, Lennart Meri has been the capital of Wu. Tai Bo, Zhong Yong will be the culture of the Central Plains into the Jiangnan region. Jiangnan region and the organic integration of the original culture, formed with distinct regional characteristics of the Wu culture.

the Spring and Autumn Period, Wu productivity has been greatly the development of political, military, is also very strong. Zhou, Wang 2003 (473 BC), the more Miewu, Wuxi of the country. Wang week marked 35 years (334 BC), Chu out more, Wuxi is a state of Chu. G 25 years Qin (222 BC), Qinmie Chu, Chi Hui Ji County, is the Wuxi. According to archaeological discoveries, the Western Han Dynasty period, Wuxi has Yetie, cast copper, ceramics, painting and other crafts classes, agricultural production has been in use for iron farm implements and cattle farming technology. Six Dynasties period, the northern war frequent, large population Nanqian, Wuxi governance Lake Fair building, the construction of large water conservancy facilities, agricultural Wuxi picture farming techniques have also improved. Business and trade began to take shape. Tang and Song period, Wuxi agricultural production from "the fire till the water Nou" round of development for the shortage of tillage farming, harrow, Chao supporting farming technology, a rice-based cropping system, around Taihu Lake in British Columbia and wet into vertical and horizontal canals, lakes Tong Qi Bu, with the drainage and irrigation water supply systems. Sericulture industry developed, "Sang Zhe with reduced reliance silkworm foil smoke everywhere." Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal opened, the river in Wuxi, "Business and from the boat by not absolutely." The town gold and silver, Choi silk, tobacco, oil sauce, rice and other workshops Cuoza open, market prosperity. Wuxi become affluent Gangnam a treasure land.

the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Wuxi Yiping advantageous natural conditions and convenient land and sea transport and relatively stable social environment, social productive forces faster development. Modern, Wuxi economy radiation gradually, Gangnam become an economic center cities. Sino-Japanese War, many people of insight to see poor and weak countries, stands for "Industrial save the country." According to the 1937 National Military Council, "China#39;s industrial survey," Statistics, Wuxi in the country six major industrial cities, the number of industrial workers ranked second, after the industrial output value of Shanghai, Guangzhou, ranking third in total capital Habitat Fifth place. As loan business booming, to enlarge the deposit, the funding gap very often transfers the call to field counterparts, as a result of Wuxi Jiangsu and Zhejiang along the famous "lenders terminal." April 23, 1949, Wuxi liberation, economic development has entered a new stage. 1978, the Wuxi economy has entered a period of rapid growth, significantly enhance the overall strength of the economy. In 1993 the city#39;s per capita GDP 10,378 yuan, Jiangsu Province took the lead in a comfortable standard.


Wuxi based on the lakeside city construction, urban landscape, the city started as soon as possible framework, and expand into area, the development of new urban areas in a planned and systematic transformation of the old City, and promote urban development into the North South extension, the main building from the city, Vice City, a satellite town of multi-center, open-type,组团式城市distribution structure.


Wuxi ancient Products rich, prosperous Jiangnan, China is the famous "Yumizhixiang." As early as the Ming Dynasty are brick, Ye Square, ceramics, silk reeling, weaving and other handicrafts. Since the 20th century, known to the trade, known as "Little Shanghai," said.

"Taihu the United States, the United States and the United States in the Taihu Lake water." Wuxi scenery with mountains and rivers of wins, a total of rivers and lakes of the United States, and the artificial Qiao. Yuan Touzhu Taihu landscapes and gardens set in one building, known as the "first Shengjing Taihu Lake"; Qingchengganlie the world second-chuen, some songs "Erquanyingyue" Song of the Wing; stands 88 meters, the world#39;s first堪称A bronze Buddha Mountain, Xiangfu Temple, is Shannanxinnv homage to the Holy Land; In addition, Yixing in Zhuhai, tea forest, cave, designed the beautiful natural scenery.


Wuxi is a vibrant place for the humanities. Tabb, Fan Li, Qin Shihuang, Lu Ji, Li Bai, Lu Yu, Wang Anshi, Su Shi and Wen Tianxiang, Zhang Chan, Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong Emperor, and other famous historical relics have been left behind, poems, add lustre to Wuxi. Wuxi also Evolved Qian Zhongshu, blind Bing, Liu Tianhua, Xu Beihong, Sun Yefang such as the reputation of the Far Eastern poet, artists, academics, literary giant.