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"Cengjingcanghai hard water, except Wushan not cloud." Yuan Zhen This is in memory of beloved wife to stay at the Qi Wan Song, I read this poem for the poet of the people are all touched by the loyalty of love. This exquisite Haoshi first in the Wushan Miaoxu people naturally will become the eyes of a tourist destination.
Wushan northeast of Chongqing Municipality at the Three Gorges reservoir area Fuxin. East Badong County in Hubei Province, west of Fengjie County, Sichuan Province, South and the adjoining Jianshi County of Hubei Province, North and Wuxi County and Shennongjia forest areas bordering. Total area of 2,958 square kilometers, the total population of 583,300 people, Han, Tujia, Mongolians and other eight people living here.
into Wushan, into the man#39;s hometown. If the history of Chinese civilization than for the start of a gradual portrays the case, Wushan is no doubt this portrays the Juanshou. As early as 200 million years ago, early humans in this valley, home to propagate. "Wushan Yuanren" 201 million years ago to 204 million years, as early as the early Pleistocene than Yunnan, "Yuanmou Yuanren" as early as more than 30 years, China is by far the earliest human fossils found.
thousands of years, the fluttering Sasa Wushan Precipitable Cloud, the watering of the Three Gorges Shiyuan arts, nurturing the brilliant culture of Wushan. Wushan Precipitable Cloud poem by Gough, there are numerous, Yangyangtaiguan, 1000 are as many as 10,000, how can a "feeling" Zile De! From Qu Yuan to Song Yu Li Bai Du Fu, from the Spring and Autumn Annals of Chu to the will of history, led by the rain cloud linked to the soul tied around the dream, or word or vested, or dream or song, not the "Round of clouds, with light rain Fei Wind ", that is," Zhao-yun Muyu muddy imaginary language, Yuanti the moon in the night. "It#39;s poetry for Gap Gough, in addition to Precipitable Cloud feelings or feelings Precipitable Cloud, the sons and daughters of the situation too much too long to help. Only Mao Zedong generation of great men, in Wushan Precipitable Cloud in the thoughts of Pengfei Miles, the goddess of the struggle by dumping, an unparalleled sense of pride, wrote a gas Swallow Wing, the magnificent heroic poems, Wushan Precipitable Cloud to give a sense of magnificent, "cut Wushan Precipitable Cloud , A high-Gap Pinghu, the goddess should be no envy, when the world is no panic. "Seeing the Three Gorges Dam Yihong Pinghu the time, we can not but Yaoxiang that thousands of Wushan Precipitable Cloud, and finally here wrote a magnificent chapter of the poem……
Wushan the Precipitable Cloud blur, or a blend worth mentioning, in fact, mountains or Nazuo mountains, water, or the water, or the Duo Yun-yun, rain or rain-is only the imagination and self-only sentiment. Gengu So far, Wushan as Precipitable Cloud Xinchishenwang to people, because of the Goddess of the legend, the Rendezvous Chu, a moving story, the literati of Shifu. Like a pair of bright Mouzi, is a God so unpredictable and ever-Autumn Water Wang, charming Liaoren, atheism is a cold and rigid mirror, Zhao Xing Ying people. Nature Shanguangshuise, Precipitable Cloud style, with cultural content, added the charm, charisma has become attractive. More than 10 years have past, the years such as flow, Precipitable Cloud Ruyan, the vicissitudes of human events, Jiandan gradually far, Piaohuershi, this is only the Wushan Precipitable Cloud, is not thought that since unforgettable. When light rain rolling, watching the window of Mongolia and Mongolia Yuwu, reminiscent of the floating of the Wushan Precipitable Cloud, it reminds me of the romantic poem, Dayu reminded那帮flood control…… that the Goddess of Wushan Precipitable Cloud linger in people The soul, then quietly on the perception and gentle manner Piaosa……