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Tianjin exempted counties. Tianjin in north-west, is located between the cities of Beijing and Tianjin. Area of 1,574 square kilometers. Exempted Yangcun, Hexiwu, Chengguan, cuihuangkou, Tuo Wang Qing, Mei plant, the town-13, Dongpu depression, Xu Guantun, Huangzhuang, douzhangzhuang, Nie Chuang Tzu, launched Taiwan, Cao yard, Fort rhubarb , The Soda Plant, back alleys, Hebei Tuen, under Mrs. flag Shuangshu, capital of the village shop, Dasha, high Village, Tuen ancient white, king of ancient village, East Maquan, yellow flower shop, the shop sand, stone Coal, Chen Tsui, sell Hong Kong Branch, under the Rural Zhuzhuang 21. County People#39;s Government is situated in Yangcun Zhen. The county total population of 793,000 people.
Wuqing County of the Coastal Plain region, climate is temperate continental sub-humid monsoon climate. Proven mineral resources underground oil, natural gas, coal, geothermal water, and so on. Tianjin Red Bean is the main agricultural products; Yangcun cake flavor foods are dry, Chengguan tofu, such as silk.
county-wide collective industrial enterprises above the village more than 1,700, with the 40 industry production capacity of more than 2,000 kinds of products, formed a textile, garments, arts and crafts, carpets, footwear, chemicals, and other key industries. There are 290 export-oriented enterprises, including 33 foreign funded enterprises, the major export products are carpets, garments, footwear, and arts of salted products, such as canned asparagus 27 Class 120. The county nearly 100,000 hectares of arable land, mainly agricultural products are wheat, corn, cotton, Guacai and live pigs, eggs, fruit, aquatic products, and so on. The county has 19 country markets, seasonal market share of 20 groups, more than 6,700 business outlets, shopping malls are Wuqing commercial buildings, the county first, second department stores, Yangcun and other investment market. County railways, highways Zonghengjiaocuo. Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Shanhaiguan, Tianjin UNITED railway crossing 52 km in length, Jingjintang Expressway throughout the 43 kilometer cross-island. National Highway Route line with Beijing Tong, Jingtang Line 1, Jingtang Extension 2, Jing-fu line, Beijing-fu Extension, with the line-and-Wai Road, Yangcui Road, Tianjin Wing Road, Yang North Road, Gallery-Highway , Meifeng, such as Highway 12 and County Road 14, chief of 1383.8 km of highways, and the township-village road. December 1991, Tianjin New Technology Industrial Park Wuqing Development Zone formally established with a total area of three square kilometers, in July 1992 to establish the Wuqing economic and technological development zones with a total area of two square kilometers.
schools throughout the county with all kinds of 1102, colleges and universities are at the Tianjin Teachers College, Tianjin Medical College Yangcun college classes, specialized secondary schools are Wuqing Normal School, public health schools, sports schools and secondary specialized school employees, 91 secondary schools, 483 primary schools, the staff and all types of adult education in 524 schools, 774 kindergartens and pre-school year for admission rate of 100%. Medical and health institutions at all levels have 99. County People#39;s Hospital, including two, Chinese medicine hospitals, the tuberculosis control, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases center, medicine and quarantine and so on. County Institute of Technology, and Society, will study 210, 445 various sports venues. Yangcun a county cultural centers, and the people#39;s hall, workers clubs, a library, a Xinhua Bookstore, film distribution and screening field Troupe. 34 townships have been established Wenhua Zhan. There are 10 theaters. In the banner, stilts, lion, Long Deng, car, Shaolin, Hanchuan, Zhuma, such as civil Fair of more than 130 Road 13. The prefecture has 37 ancient ruins, 13 ancient tombs, of which Old City of Quanzhou, a florist Huang Liang Court for the municipal heritage. Hong Kong tourist attractions are the North Forest Park, less than Reservoir, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal landscape, Yan WANG Lake Resort and Yangcun small world.