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position: Urumqi City in east longitude 86 ° 37#39;33 "- 88 ° 58#39;24", north latitude and 42 ° 45#39;32 "- 44 ° 08#39;00". Is located in the hinterland of the Eurasian continent, north Tianshan Mountains, the southern edge of Junggar Basin, is the capital of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is Quanjiang political, economic, cultural, science and technology at the centre of northern South transport hub, is also the second Eurasian continental bridge The western part of the bridgehead of China, China#39;s opening up an important gateway to the west.

Climate: temperate in the semi-arid continental climate, the average temperature of 7.3 ℃, the average annual rainfall 236 mm, the average duration of bright sunshine 2775 hours, frost-free period for the 105 - 168 days, shorter spring and autumn, winter and summer and fall Longer,

best travel time: spring and autumn.

Area: total area of over 160 million square kilometers.

population: more than 100 million population.

SAR division: 1 Shixia County District 7, days in mountainous areas, sand by Buck, the new urban area, Shuimogou District, Toutunhequ, Dongshan District, Nanshan mine and Urumqi County. There are also two state-level development zones: the high-tech industry development zones in Urumqi Urumqi Economic and Technical…

of western China have a broad and fertile treasure land - Xinjiang; backbone of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang are at the foot of an ancient , Beautiful, bright pearl in the Mongolian This is the "beautiful pasture" - Urumqi. Urumqi Tianshan Mountains in the north, the southern tip of the Junggar Basin, the mountains with water, the vast Woye, the Western Regions is the famous "till the middle of Deng cutting string, dancing to the rule of travel." Ancient Urumqi River from south to north. From the urban areas through. Chengdong more than 5,400 meters above sea level is the peak Bogda, crystal flash, very spectacular, a magnificent south of the Tianshan Mountains, Permian嶂wins mountain range, Xuefeng Ai Ai, Qixiangwanqian; Story is a myth of the demon-color; City is the center of Hongshan, Compact and steep, the coming of Zhuangru. Peak has a nine Zhuanta, said Zhenlong towers, skyscrapers, Ying Chen of the distant snow-capped mountains, everything is so beautiful harmony.


Urumqi has a special geographical advantages, since ancient times it will have "an epoch-making of the portal," said a north-south link Tianshan, Xinjiang communication with the Mainland transportation hub, has now become China#39;s expansion An important gateway to the west, opening up and foreign economic and cultural exchanges between the window. Urumqi is the world#39;s farthest from the sea inland cities, is the geographic center of the Asian continent. Summer here landscaped Zhengyan, fruits and Yixiang, is the golden season of tourism. Midwinter season, the city snow-wrapped, Jo Chiung-Hua Yu-shu, a Northland scenery beyond the Great Wall.

Urumqi by the cool sweet Tianshan snow moisturizes the people of all ethnic groups, created a brilliant civilization of ancient Western Regions. Has a long history of Urumqi, is the world-famous ancient "Silk Road," the only way for the new North Road. The first century BC, the Western Han Dynasty established by the Government Xiyudouhu House, has had home e XiaoWei Cultivation in this area. Tang period, in order to further strengthen economic and cultural exchanges between East and West and promote the "Silk Road" of the new North Road, prosperity and development, in the year 640, the Tang dynasty located northeast of Urumqi in the north for most of the Court House, the Year 1755, the Qing government in Urumqi is the Chichiawan 9 Zhulei unmanning the Old City, and here the official naming of Urumqi, the Year 1763 changed its name to "Dihua." Year 1884, Xinjiang built Xingsheng, as the capital of Urumqi, was promoted to "Dihua" House. A "10,000 pyrotechnic Nuanyun steam, sold to the Tianshan Swire ice" prosperity.

as Chinese cultural system, the Indian cultural system, the Islamic cultural system, European and American cultural system of the pool, more than 10 nationalities are here to propagate interest-bearing, the Bo-melting, creating the world Of the glorious culture, the mother of the Xinjiang Uygur music - 12 Muqam, Mongolia nation, "Jiang Nagel," the Kirgiz people, "Manas" as the rest of the world heroic epic, in the Oriental culture in the emitted Dazzling brilliance. Many of the nation, all dressed, language, religion, customs and practices, posed a colorful Urumqi, the peculiar charisma

the Qing Dynasty some well-known politicians, writers, such as Lin Zexu, Ji Xiaolan, Hong Liangji, Liu E, Xiaoxiong, and so has been living in Urumqi, or stay off, and left many famous poems chapter.


. . Urumqi is very rich in natural resources, there was a "sea of coal oil city" and "Coal on the city," said. There are snow-capped mountains glaciers and permanent snow cover 164 square kilometers, pending the development of light, heat, wind resources are very rich. Wildlife resources are very rich. The beautiful scenery and cultural heritage. These abundant resources for the development of Urumqi provides very favourable conditions for the material. Here and live in the Uygur, Han, Hui, and Kazakhstan over 10 ethnic brothers, live in harmony, unity and intimacy, to build himself a beautiful home.


Urumqi, this young and the old city, use it to the rich, diverse ethnic customs and the magical, ancient, natural scenery and colorful Qili Attracted numerous people.