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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Evan  Date: 08-16 2008  More Attractions
Wulanchabu League, Wulanchabu of Mongolian, meaning red Yakou, the AU will result in the early Qing Dynasty Red Yamaguchi (now Hohhot Northeast at the foot of Castle Peak) named. Referred to Wu Meng. Located in central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. And the Mongolian border, and Xilin Gol linked to the northeast, southeast and south respectively, and Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, bordering the West with Bayan Fall League, Baotou City, Hohhot, Zhao Yi-Ke daily adjacent to the AU.
Wulanchabu League famous tourist destination - Liang Cheng Tai tourist areas in the southern Wulanchabu League, Hill Shuixiu blue sky, excellent flavor. Summer season, slightly oval-like packages of Daihai Chulu, Cuise Keren. Since ancient times, Daihai attracted numerous visitors. Daguanguiren history, Wenrenmoke to watch their "Che-hung Wu groups, Fengtao masterpiece, Zhang Yu waves, if the proliferation of Ruo-yun of" natural beauty. The central region of Inner Mongolia is the largest inland lakes, beaches around the lake-wide, lush forest. Lake north of a hot springs, heavy sodium carbonate weak mineralization hot water, surface water temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the water contains many trace elements helpful to the human body, the treatment of various diseases has markedly effective. Hot Springs Mountain in the north, a sleeping Buddha, the last to see the mountains, Yuankan is a Buddhist, eyes, ears, nose very image.
Mongolia has the characteristics of Gergen Tara grassland, water plants Feimei, undulating hills, the waves like MA Qun, Gold Xiayun group of camel and sheep in green and white clouds like swimming in the sea, riding the hands of the pastoralists Ma sets with a thin pole, the same as the spearhead pointing to the sky and pointed. Traditional yurts and modern yurts Xiangying-Hui, as Gergen Tara grassland formed a beautiful moving picture. The annual August, is organizing the event that Damu season. Gergen Tara tourist spots August of each year 15 --- 8 on 25, that tourism should be held Damu, this summer is an excellent time to time. Here regular annual temple fair a grand large, the small temple once a month and an annual festival Aobao, Aobao in the festival activities, see the traditional Mongolian wrestling, horse riding, archery, and other exciting race.
addition Wulanchabu League has a unique charm of the Rock Paintings group, she conceived Qiqiao, the performance of the well-being of the persistent pursuit, such as countless hunting plans, whether single, double or group of persons With hunting, guns were cast, the inverted arrows ancient beast of the field painting; loaded with hunters to the hunting map, drawn Pitousanfa more women to meet the hunting scenes, full of enrichment.