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WuHu - AnHui

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Code: 0553

Zip code: 241000

position: in the south-eastern Anhui Province, located in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River south coast, the Centre for the geographic coordinates of 119 degrees 21 minutes east longitude, latitude 31 degrees 20 minutes

Population: 2150000

Area: 3,317 square kilometers

divisions: three are under the county (Wuhu, Fanchang, Nanling), 40 (new Wuhu, Matang, Jinghu, of Japan#39;s)

Wuhu City, Anhui Province in south-east, is located in the Yangtze River The lower reaches of the south bank, property rich, convenient transportation and economic location. April 24, 1949 liberation of Wuhu, the same year on May 10 set up in Wuhu City, Anhui Province cities, is now under the three counties (Wuhu, Fanchang, Nanling), 40 (new Wuhu, Matang, Jinghu, of Japan ).


Wuhu is a historic city. The first for the Spring and Autumn of Japan Ci town, site of this city of Wuhu County, Huang Chi town. AD 109, Emperor Han Wu Liu Che "in British Columbia water, and the Health Wu was" a result of Wuhu. Western Han Dynasty, established only in Wuhu County, is now the city of Wuhu on the basis of this developed, is now more than 2,000 years of history. After the founding of Wuhu City is the county town of Wuhu in the original developed on the basis of, according to historical records and professional teachers and students of Beijing University history and geography of the study, Wuhu has more than 2,000 years of history. City site has undergone several changes and expansion of the process.


Wuhu City of Japan were the first Guzhi It is, in this city southeast of Yangjiang about Sishili water south coast. "Zuo Zhuan": "Lu Xiang Gong three years (570 BC) Chuzai-cutting Wu, is hereby grams of Japan. As for the Mountain." Jixu here is the Hengshan Prefecture north of Dangtu Yokoyama. It is the site of Japan and the city is located in Yangjiang water erosion along the southern coast northward extension of the residual Qiu end. This west-lying Di Ping, Wu Tong for more than swamp, lake due to the bushes, the birds gathered of Japan, and the name of Japan is hereby, also known as the "hook Have", "Gao Have", "I wish it is." It is in the vicinity of Japan has a long-shaped lake because "water is not deep and Health Wu algae", the name of Wuhu. At that time, this section is known as the water in the Yangjiang River, the Yangtze River West Link, the East-Taihu Lake, an important thing for the traffic channel. It is in control of Japan is one of Jiang#39;s Ferry, very important position. 109 BC, that is, Han Wudi yuan closure 2002, is hereby established the county of Japan, renamed Wuhu, which is early in Wuhu City.


located in Wuhu County, after the Han Dynasty period of development, the three countries due to frequent wars, Wuhu position more important. Wu is located in Koto, a natural barrier for the Yangtze River and Wei confrontation. But its main cities and towns further away from the Yangtze River, in order to meet the needs of the military, came just 2002 (223) Sun Quan will rule by the Wuhu County Zixi of Japan moved to the Qingyi River mouth near the southeast corner of this city along the high mountain chicken feather On the (ancient It is the old rule of Japan not to reuse), today became the oldest city of Wuhu City. Eastern Jin Dynasty period, Wuhu has become the center of Riverside. AD 324, the general Wang Dun in the chicken feather-Zhunbingzhucheng stationed, it is "Wang Dun City" said. Eastern Jin Dynasty Emperor Han#39;an Yixi 2009 (413), in Wuhu in Xiangyuan County, Wuhu county administrative building was withdrawn. Sui and Tang Dynasties period, Wuhu were Dangtu Xianzhu town.


Wuhu historical and cultural resources is very high, for example, Fanchang County, "one word-" is ancient human on the major archaeological discovery, found that the human production of the ancient stone, Guqi and varieties A variety of mammalian fossils, dating around the time away from 2000000 to 250 million years between human activities in Asia#39;s history dates back a四五十万年, which have attracted worldwide attention. Fan Chang Ka Ko ancient kiln, Fan Changping Puxiang "000 cattle Pier" and Nanling Wuyue mound tomb, the Nanling Mountains large copper mine sites, are the focus of heritage conservation units.


to strive to build a beautiful first-class integrated environmental landscape garden city as the goal, speed up the implementation of a national environmental protection model city project. Strengthen the resources of urban and rural landscapes of ecological protection and recycling. The introduction of the urban forest, the introduction of the garden villages and towns, the introduction of community gardens, raising the forest coverage rate of urban and rural and urban greening coverage.