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WuHai - NeiMengGu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Christian  Date: 09-02 2008  More Attractions
Wuhai City is the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and municipalities, located in the southwest of Inner Mongolia, east Etuokeqi, even the Alxa Right Banner West, North and Bameng Dengkou Xian adjacent to the south and autonomous regions of Ningxia Shizuishan border. The third is autonomous regions and municipalities.
Wuhai City of scenery with Mongolian characteristics of the charm, historical and cultural attractions are Zhuozi Mountain rock paintings. From the five have been found 100 pieces of a clearer picture of view, the contents of as many people, animals and people hunting graphic map, there are some strange patterns. Screen technique simple, exaggerated image, like many people of four who heads Shuangmei. Wuhai City key scenic area with a table mountain tourist areas. Its majestic mountains, Luan-ups and downs, towering spectacular. Peak open for a flat, overlooking the shape of the table with, it Deqi Hill were. According to the top overlooking surrounded Cliff, narrow deep ditch, very dangerous. Goukan valley walls of various shapes ranging from the size of Custer cave, the peculiar landscape attractive. Mountain Peak-odd tables, trees flourish. Legend has it that when Genghis Khan Xixia build weapons to attack the place. HU Yang Island tourist areas there are, around the river encircling the island Congcong trees, flowers and waterfowl flocks proliferation Yuankan like Huangchou into the jasper, Near You may be in Jiangnan garden, is Exploring the people, picnic, and The ideal place to rest.
Wuhai City unique topography, outline a beautiful Ulan Buh Desert, when the sun sets, CHU-flash, "the river of Sunset" and "desert Guyan," constitute a magnificent scene in the Frontier Landscape painting; Northland both the powerful and another southern part of the country#39;s R of the Yellow River Beach Island, along with more than 10 large and small, scattered islands and the sandwich Beach, just like the Yellow River on the dotted with the Kintaikyo Li Li Fei. Island beach green grass and towering trees, natural scenery is beautiful. Valley more than 250 meters long, erect on both sides of odd-feng, like knives Fupi on general Yixian Tian, the narrowest But about 12 meters, the sky If viewed as a blue ribbon in the elegant head. Baiyu Mi-Jin, a boulder in the folder Liangbi happened between the air entrenched, people Dunjue singular, to the entire valley a mysterious, people are all amazed nature Guifushengong.
has a history of the Qing Fu had traces of nature, Tianbao. She#39;s beautiful, charm slowly waiting for you to enjoy!