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Location: Southeast Yunnan

Area: 31,456 square kilometers of land area

Population: total population of 3080300 people

peoples: the Han and Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Yao, such as the Hui.

divisions: Wenshan County, Malipo County, Yanshan County, Guangnan County, County Commissioner Ma, Fu Ningxian, Xichou County, Qiubei County.

position: Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province is the gateway to the southeast, east of Baise in Guangxi region, the West, even the Red River, in Qujing in the north and south of Fu Ning, Ma Su slope, Commissioner Ma and the three counties bordering Vietnam .

Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province in the southeast, which borders Viet Nam, exempted 8 counties, the state in Wenshan County. Called "door of Southeast Yunnan." Wenshan is due to the "East Wenshan," named after the natural landscape.
Chonju terrain northwest and southeast of high-low. In the mountain more, but there are also a lower altitude valley and a high steep hillsides. , Is the highest peak in Wenshan county in thin Chushan, with an elevation of 2,991 meters. Towering mountains, the large Qian Zhang, Cangsong Tsui Chuk, lush, one of the state Shengjing.
Southeast Yunnan Wenshan county in the west, is a subtropical monsoon climate, warm in winter than the Spring City in Kunming, Kunming summer cooler than the Spring City. County Zhuangru hyacinth, Panlong River from the northwest entry, such as Wan Yudai, Ring left to the southeast. Therefore only 5.34 square kilometers in the county within the region, namely, a stone arch bridge, mixed steel bridge, suspension bridge, a steel frame bridges size of 36 bridges, communication north and south, running through things, but different shape, set in an old bridge construction Furnace. Taian Bridge earliest, Jianyu Qing Emperor Yongzheng four years; West, the longest bridge, 85 meters east bridge across busy, busy; Changhong Qiao high as well, breathtaking views. The rest was water, Echo, Ssangyong…… all bridges are all features affordable, Bridge City Wenshan derived from the name that is so. The bridge stands, Qingfengdian sent Shuang, River in small boats from time to time on March 5, Liu An, a slow life of the fishing people. Early in the morning, underneath willow on the Yandi, facing the cage thrush Zhaoxi tactfully Ming Chang, is even more Melhado poetic. If the Wenshan county-Americans than for a Southland, which winds along the Panlong River that is the beauty of the necklace, a large bridge that is on the necklace of diamonds pins, bright. Dongbei Yu Panlong River City "Pan-long park," park in the shape of the ancient Yi Torch Festival large mural relief, Orchid Hall, mushrooms Pavilion, Palace of the Dragon King, dance Terrace, hyacinth pool distribution Meanwhile, Danxian flowering branch Flickering, Shuying Posuo, Lvliuchuisi,楼台Yinxian, there is a marvellous Qixi what. Tianqi-state production (also known as the March 7), is to become a civilized country "on March 7 town."
March 7 at the origin of 200 million Tertiary 5 million years ago the ancient remnants of tropical plants. 37 pairs of the environmental conditions there are special requirements, Dongnuanxialiang suitable for the climate, cold intolerance and hot, and humid-Banyin the ecological environment. Therefore, their distribution is limited to the scope of China#39;s southwestern -1800 m 1,500 m above sea level, near latitude 23.5 ° in a narrow zone, including Guangxi and Yunnan Wenshan Prefecture of Wenshan and at the junction of several places. Yunnan Wenshan Prefecture for the origin and the main origin. According to literature, March 7 to use nearly 600 years of history, cultural history of nearly 500
the southwest border of the motherland in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in the mountains of dense forest, growth is a "Chunmiao such as Tsui, Qiushi Sihuo" God Grass. This god on the grass, seems to have been thousands of Zhuansong many wonderful stories: hunter accidentally Zhuiya fractures, they will be a weed Juelanfuyu bleeding, such as wound on the viscosity of the same paint was sealed , To stop bleeding, hunters can actually walk home Zhuzhuo shotguns; mason injured feet, pain Nanren, God grass Strickland rotten in the dressing wounds, the pain immediately stop bleeding; maternal Xuebeng, critical condition, a grass will be their God Death from the hands of recapture. This God grass Miao their ancestors called "the mountains of paint," the effectiveness of its magic in the civil from generation to generation, due to "the mountains of paint" and "March 7," homonym in the spread will be recorded in the "March 7."
on March 7, and such a legend:
ancient times, a叫张two young people, suffering from a disease, not just the mouth and nose bleeding, although no effect of the multi-treatment. One day, one named Dr. Tian Di passing through, he took out a herbal root, ground into powder to Zhang swallowed, do not work, even stop the blood. - 21 am grateful and requested medical leave this magic herb seeds.
A year later, two of the herbs grow very rich. Incidentally, the only daughter Zhifu adults suffering from a hemorrhagic disease, multi-treatment but not improved, but had to put up notices: to heal the sick daughter, Xu for their strokes. Zhang 11:28 am put on the kinds of herbs, Erhuameishui, with herbs at the end of the inquiry into Miss Fuxia.谁知less than a chrono, Miss had died. Zhifutainu, the fate of two people will Kunqi torture, forced him to speak the truth. Zhifu adults即令the capture of the Dr. Tian, and as "murder kill" crimes. A day sentence, Dr. Tian Driven and had to cut the prison to personally Zhifu adults explained: "This herb has the effect of various hyperlipidemia, subject to three to seven years longer to be effective.#39;s Use of two drugs, only Covered with 2001, the properties without, of course, could not save Miss. "Shuiba, he must Chaiyi the hands of a knife in his thigh zoned Yidao, DC blood from his own bag of powder removed, internal external, Immediate blood in the stool only callus guitar, the presence of people surprised it, Zhifu adults regret it, but let Dr. Tian. People to remember this painful lesson, put this medicine as "March 7," expressed the need for growth to three to seven years can use. Because the drug for which Dr. Tian Chuan, the number of places in China, on March 7 is also known as "Tianqi."
Wenshan Prefecture has a long history. In ancient times, someone came home to propagate, Tang and Song Dynasties, Wenshan by the rule of Nanzhao and Dali, Li Ming Dynasty set up in Lin#39;an House, Quang Nam House, the Guangxi government. Soil Qing Dynasty set up to the flow of the House, seven counties and Ma Su slope handling of the Department. In 1958 the establishment of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, located in Wenshan, Yanshan, Xichou, Commissioner Ma, MALIPO, Chiu north, Quang Nam, Funing County 8.
Wenshan rich products. The world#39;s first luxury ingredients March 7, peppers, tobacco, star anise, grass fruit, Yang Netherlands, South medicines, edible fungi, and other categories. Wenshan has 190 million mu of Chinese fir forest, grassland 1222 mu of mineral resources in 11 categories 55, 816 deposit, antimony, tin, manganese reserves separation of the second, third and eight, in addition to aluminum, gold, silver, Lead, copper, nickel and phosphorus, marble, zeolite, bentonite, and so on a number of mining value of the metal and non-metallic minerals; development of hydropower resources can have 1.7587 million kilowatts, has proven coal reserves of over 100 million tons.