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WenChang - HaiNan

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Area: 2,346 square kilometers

Population: 502,807 people

a long history, the yuan closed the first year of the Western Han Dynasty (110 BC) was founded, said Chi Pui County, the first year of Zhenguan Tang (AD 627) renamed Wenchang County, after Contains more than 2,000. Wenchang in Hainan Island in the northeast. 11,028 to 11,103, located east longitude, latitude 1920 to 2010. East and West-63 km, 95 km long from north to south. County landscape was Banyue Xing. Topography of the Southwest, Northeast low, since the southwest to northeast coastal tilt. Northeast Plain to the plot, is a quasi-hills southwest. Central to Wengtian from Romania have formed a higher platform. In addition to resurfacing, Geumsan, Hushan, Feng slope, and other township and flat-bean farms, the rest are low hills. The highest point in the Tonggu Ling, elevation 388 meters. 22 county jurisdiction the town, three townships, 265 administrative areas, 3,638 village (neighborhood) committees, the four state-owned farms, a state-owned tree farms, a Chinese state-owned farms, three Xianzhu farms. In the city, towns, from the provincial capital Haikou City 73 km. Road connected in the existing main road 29, the traffic mileage of 1,285 kilometers, are the opening of each township. West, south-yu line can be connected to the sea and the Eastern Highway. Until the northwest corner of the south east corner of the sea, maritime transport is very convenient.

Hainan Province and the country is well-known cultural village, town and overseas Chinese in general, the world is being hailed as a miracle the East -宋氏三姐妹#39;s hometown. Abroad, particularly in Southeast Asia area, Wenchang City, reputation is all over Chuan. Wenchang City has a long history, according to "Qiongzhou#39;s History" records, Wenchang City, the predecessor of the Western Han Dynasty is the first year of closure yuan (110 BC) set up the Purple Pui County, is Zhuya County. The beginning of 2003 yuan (46 BC), Han Jia Yuan Di accept the donation of the proposed revocation Zhuya County, the county spent Purple Pui top. Has been the great cause of the Sui Dynasty to 2003. AD 607), only in purple Pui County Fair is set on Takenori County. Takenori five years the Tang Dynasty (AD 622) changed its name to Pingchang Xian. Zhenguan first year (AD 627) changed its name to Wenchang City. It was written by the Qing Dynasty, "the Guangdong Archaeology series to" set: "Tang Takenori five points Zhuya County, home Pingchang Xian. Zhenguan to say the first year of Wenchang, to the South County were located in Wenchang Jiang." Wenchang Ji Jin Jiang Wen Changhe. It appears that the water that is named Wenchang is in the habit of naming history. Since the Tang renamed after the first year of Zhenguan, formed in Wenchang City and County were adopted. November 7, 1995, approved by the State Council, the revocation of Wenchang County, the establishment of Wenchang City (county-level cities). Wenchang City, county seat of history, are located in cities and towns. Wen town has a long history and still preserve the Song, Yuan generations Xianya site, is a veritable city. Start with the scale of urban construction, began in the Ming Dynasty Longqing 2006 (1572 AD). -- In 1922 (Year 1922) demolished walls, build protection embankment, and "y"-shaped, built a convenient cross-strait Changhe Street, Triangle Street, at Bank Street, East Street and two small trees terminals. After the liberation, year after year to expand the scale of urban construction, constituted one of the characteristics of the South Water Village "rural coconut" and "Coconut rural" city. Wen towns has always been the cause of education in Wenchang City Centre. According to records Shiki, Yongzheng 2009 (1731 AD), the county magistrate Liang Jianan will be a College of justice for, renamed "Zhi Gong College", Jiaqing 10 years (1805 AD) was renamed "Wei hospital instruments," as the highest institution of ancient Wenchang . There are cities and towns, foreign language teacher in Hainan, Wenchang City Normal School Teachers College of Technology two secondary schools and Wenchang, Wenchang Chinese secondary schools, secondary schools, three full city schools. Wenchang in Hainan Province and secondary schools is well-known secondary schools throughout the country.

in five major rivers are: a total length of 56 km of Culture and Education River, originate in Qiongshan City tree in the head, injected Qinglan Harbor, is the largest river in Wenchang. Chu River 48 km in length, into Dongzhai Gang; Shek Pik River, 34 km long, long into the discrepancy, the 1974 Conference to bend straight into the village. Wenchang 210 km-long coastline. Qinglan Harbor is the largest port in Wenchang, Hainan Province, one of five major hub port, the state-level open ports, the existing five berths, can be parked with the 5,000-ton terminal.

rich mineral resources, mining has proved the value of iron, tungsten, titanium, aluminum, zirconium, quartz sand, red sapphires, kaolin, such as single-crystal and more than 10 species. There are over 500 kinds of trees, of which more than 10 kinds of medicinal plants, the material was classified as a commodity rouge, Ome, the mother of Health, jackfruit, lychee, longan, Begonia, Melia azedarach, Acacia, and Casuarina trees, and so on. Sea area of 4,600 square nautical miles, aquatic products rich in resources, and more than 800 kinds of fish, a large number of hairtail, the large yellow croaker, small yellow croaker, Chang Yu, sharks, Haiman, such as Ma Jiaoyu. Shrimp, lobster, Mao shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, abalone and crabs are also more seafood.

tourist attractions include: Tonggu Ling Nature Reserve, the eastern outskirts Ye Lin, Song ancestral home, the Confucian Temple, eight Hong Kong, such as mangroves Wenchang County tourist attractions. Specialties are coconut, coconut Velvet, coconut Thai handicrafts, lobster, abalone, such as coffee and Wenchang Ji.