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Location: Weinan City in east longitude 108 ° 59 #39;~ 110 ° 35#39; north latitude and 35 ° 03 #39;~ 35 ° 52#39; between the Guanzhong Plain is located in the eastern part of Shaanxi Province, East Bin Yellow River, west of Xi#39;an, South Qinling reliance, North By Yanan

Area: total area of 13,000 square kilometers.

population: more than 530 million.

administrative divisions: Xianxia one district, two cities and eight counties.

Haidong from the western gate Weinan City in east longitude 108 ° 50#39;-110 ° 38 #39;north latitude and 34 ° 13#39;-35 ° 52#39; between the Guanzhong Plain is located in the eastern part of Shaanxi Province, East Dying and the Yellow River in Shanxi, Henan adjacent to the West and Xi#39;an, Xianyang phase grounding, South Reliance Qinling and Shangluo for industry, with the mountains north bridge Yan#39;an, Shaanxi border, 182.3 kilometers long from north to south, things wide 149.7 km, ranking the new Asia-Europe Continental Bridge of important areas, Shaanxi Province and the western region into the eastern part of the "East door." Lying to the Weihe River as the axis, the formation of South and North Hill, the two Plateau and central Pingchuan five major types of landscape areas. Weihe River in central alluvial plain is the most wide Qinchuan 800 in the zone. Jurisdiction of a district (Lin Weiqu), the two cities (Hancheng, Huayin), eight counties (Wuhua County, Tongguan, Dali, Pucheng, Cheng Cheng, Whitewater, or Yang, Fu-ping), 254 township (Office ), The 3,236 administrative villages with a total population of 5.31 million, a total area of 13,000 square kilometers.


superior agricultural resources. A warm sub-humid and semi-arid monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, light adequate, appropriate rainfall. Average annual temperature of 11.3-13.6 ° c, annual rainfall of 529-638 mm, in 2144-2505 sunshine hours, the frost-free period 199-255 days. Total 2.006 billion cubic meters of water resources, flows through the city#39;s yellow, Luo, Wei average annual flow of three rivers and water passenger and 48.692 billion cubic meters, can make use of 555 million cubic meters. The natural ecological environment suitable for different types of animals and plants provide a favorable growth conditions, Shaanxi Province has always been the best agro-ecological zones. Wildlife Weinan photos 300 species, protected by the State of the red-crowned crane, black stork, Qingyang, the 23 kinds of rare birds such as swans, said the well-known beast. Artificial breeding of livestock and poultry more than 20 kinds, of which Qinchuan cattle, the Commissioner of the donkey, goat milk the basis of high quality. More than 2,500 kinds of wild plants, 87 kinds of agriculture, forestry, crops, particularly wheat, corn, beans, apples, pear, cotton, peanuts, vegetables, tobacco, pepper, watermelon, and so the most abundant. A woodland area of 263,200 hectares, the forest reserves of 8.49 million cubic meters, the forest coverage rate reached 15.9 percent. 148,000 hectares of natural grassland. Arable land area of 546,100 hectares, of which effective irrigation area of 344,000 hectares. Mineral rich in resources. Has 38 kinds of proven mineral deposits, including reserves, the 26-mining, coal, molybdenum, gold, stone, water well advantages. Raw coal 25.5 billion tons of geological reserves, has proven reserves of 5.03 billion tons, of "Weibei Black Belt" Wenmingquanguo; molybdenum mine has proven reserves of 1.5 million tons of metal, the second in the nation, with an annual output of molybdenum powder 15,000 Tons, accounting for about half the national output, is Asia#39;s largest molybdenum powder production base; huge gold reserves, accounted for more than half of the province, the third in the nation; limestone proved reserves 108 million tons, 2.283 million tons of marble, in 2.7 million tons of cement production, distribution in the 9 counties (cities, districts) and the use of drinking water and medical sources Duoliang mineral water, mineral water which Dali sunrise 60,000 tons of water, rich in a variety of elements required for the human body, reputation "China most." There are enormous advantages in resources development potential for economic development provided a solid material foundation.

Weinan is located in the Yellow River Basin, is the birthplace of the Chinese nation, rich cultural heritage, history goes back to ancient times. Now about 80 million years ago, "Lam Tin Yuanren," in the city to propagate interest-bearing region, "Dali" skull fossil is now about 20 million years ago the original human fossils; "Yumenkou accumulation of holes" is Paleolithic Age ruins; Shayuan, the Longshan culture sites have far-reaching impact. Zhou, Qin, Han and Tang Dynasty two thousand years, has been a Weinan "Sanqin hub, eight provincial Tongqu" and Gyeonggi heavily, farming trade, transportation is well developed; battleground has always been to military strategists, the ancient Great Wall, the ancient battlefield Remains多见; included in the development and protection of the heritage tourism Weinan picture attractions 619, including national and 58 provincial-level units of heritage conservation, particularly known as the" Wuyue first temple "of the West Yuemiao with breathtaking views of the Tang imperial tombs, the history of St. generation of Sima Qian#39;s Temple and tomb, the longitudinal North-South Wei, and so the most famous Great Wall. Evolved from a long history and splendid culture. Shaanxi Opera, with the state Bangzi, bowls bowl cavity, fans Hu, uterine and other opera Ah Yun Ji Operas deep, north China is the birthplace of Bangzi opera Tune; stone carving, wood carving, of flowers, Shadowgraph, such as the distinctive folk art, Fitch For Chinese and foreign. Created a splendid culture of outstanding talent, the will of Yingxian, and many people. St. Changjei word, Jiusheng Dukang, the history of St. Sima Qian, Sui Wendi Yang Jian, Guo Ziyi famous Tang Dynasty, the great poet Bai Juyi of the reality, of Kouzhun of the Song Dynasty, Wang Qing Dynasty scholar, patriotic Foreign Minister Ong Teng, modern patriotism General Yang Hucheng, the party and state leaders, Xi Zhongxun, a famous political activists Qu Wu, a famous writer shines through the Qing Shi Du Pengcheng, and so on. A long history, Canruo-Han culture and magnificent mountains and rivers making the other more beautiful, scenic blend to form a unique tourism resources. Qi dangerous show the Xiyue Huashan, proud of the first Habitat Wu Yue, access roads clear, high-altitude cableway Fei Jia, is the financial Chimingzhongwai leisure, vacation, entertainment, Tour in one destination; Hill set the natural landscape and rivers Plateau ancient Yuan and Ming Build human landscape epitomize the goal of the Yellow River Scenic Spot, "the Three Gorges on the northern part of the country," said; Wenmingquanguo the contact-scenic area, there are over 160 square kilometers of wetlands in flood land, red-crowned crane, black stork, the swan, Yuanyang, the Huihe Such as one of 11 countries, two types of rare birds, habitat groups multiply, by the National Science and Technology Commission as a key protected areas of rare birds. There are a virgin-chuen, Yue River-chuen, Fukuyama Cui Bo, as well as modern grand pumping Huang, the two stations, is bathed, convalescence, fishing and tourism a good place.