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WeiHai - ShanDong

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Zip code: 264200

Location: Shandong peninsula, Weihai city in the east end, is located in north latitude 36 ° 41 #39;~ 37 ° 35#39;, longitude 121 ° 11 #39;~ 122 ° 42#39;. North southeast brink of the Yellow Sea on three sides, North and the Liaodong Peninsula relative, the East and South East and the Korean Peninsula and across the sea from the Japanese archipelago, the West and the border city of Yantai.

Area: total area of 5,436 square kilometers.

population: more than 200 million population.

Administrative Region of: Weihai Xian Xia three cities, three districts: Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan City and Tsui District 3, high, the district.

beautiful waterfront garden city of Weihai, spent the streets, shady trees, the quiet, and clean environment of the city, making it China#39;s most livable cities.


---- Weihai in the eastern part of Shandong Peninsula, the Yellow Sea coast of a bright pearl, and across the sea from South Korea, China from South Korea is the last region. Approved by the State Council of the coastal economic open city with a country opening to the outside world ---- Shidao Port in Hong Kong. Things 135 km away from the largest horizontal, vertical north-south from the largest 81 km with a total area of 5,436 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 731 square kilometers. 985.9 km long coastline. Exempted Rongcheng, Wendeng, Rushan City and Tsui District 3.

Weihai Weihai, a total area of over 1,300 square kilometers, population 700,000, the chief of the coastline, to more than 1,000. San Mianhuan sea and mild climate, beautiful scenery, numerous sites. Chengshan, in the Sanggou Bay, Shidao, Chá Hill Xuanliduozi four major scenic areas, with their own characteristics, a coastal tourist line of a thousand miles every year to attract a large number of domestic and foreign guests sightseeing tour.

Weihai near the Yellow Sea, Bohai Sea, East China Sea three major fisheries, marine resources blessed is the first large fishing counties. Rongcheng City, scenic and cultural long. Ancient emperor had travelled here East, the former state leaders have been visiting. Rongcheng County, or the famous generals.


a long history and rich natural resources, well-developed transport, clean and comfortable environment for the warm hospitality of the people of Weihai, simple folk customs of the Chun-Hou…… would like to appreciate Yujia Customs? ?Would like to embrace the vastness of the ocean?? Then come!