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Location: Weifang City is located north latitude and 35 ° 41 #39;to 37 ° 26#39;, longitude 118 ° 10 #39;to 102 ° 01#39;, in the Shandong Peninsula in Central, South wins mountain range on the Thai-yi undulating mountains, north of the Bohai Sea Bibowanqing Bin Laizhou Bay, the East and port city of Qingdao, Yantai linked to the West and petrochemical ancient capital city of Dongying and Zibo Qi for the neighborhood.

Area: total area of about 15,859 square kilometers.

population: more than 800 million population.

Administrative Region of: Xianxiakuiwen, Wei Cheng, Fangzi, Hanting four areas, Qingzhou, Zhucheng, Shouguang, high density, Anqiu, Changyi six cities, Changle, the Provisional Qu, the two counties.

"Kite are the world" in Weifang City in Shandong Peninsula in Central, is an emerging tourist city.

here a long history, as early as over 7,000 years ago in the Neolithic Age, there is in the tribal clan production and daily life. Hsia dynasty, the Shang Dynasty were built closure States, the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, belonged to Qi, Lu and other countries. Qingzhou is the ancient history of our country one of Kyushu. Weifang to the long history of the period left a different cultural groups with, ancient ruins, ancient architecture, ancient rock carvings and photographs, and other immovable objects multiple 1800, of which three state-level key cultural relics, 27 provincial and county level 400 number. Qi故地located in the Weifang, talented people since ancient times. Yan Ying Qi politicians, the master of the Eastern Han Zheng Xuan, the Northern Wei Dynasty agronomist Gusi Xie, the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan, the poet Li Qingzhao, and other cultural celebrities Canruo stars. Weifang home of origin and officials working in the Fellows, also a large number. Kouzhun the Northern Song Dynasty prime minister, writer Ouyang Xiu, Fan Zhongyan, Su Shi, Qing Zheng Banqiao, and so on, are here left many poems the ink has spread the world, for Chinese and foreign tourists by Yang Chung.


Weifang is the history of the famous handicraft city,清乾隆年间it will have "South Suzhou, North Weixian," said China is the largest in the history of kites, Woodcut New Year pictures of the origin and distribution center. Weifang silver inlay of lacquer, antique copper, the carving, embroidery, cloth toys, and other traditional crafts renowned at home and abroad.

Weifang a total of more than 50 various types of tourist attractions, also held a variety of special travel a good place. Since the 1980s, with full mining, finishing the local folk on the basis of tourism resources, opened a new line of a thousand miles folklore tourism, and created a precedent for China#39;s folk customs tourism, annually attracts thousands of Chinese and foreign tourists, have become the country#39;s most Folk affected tourist areas. Here tourists can view the Weifang "Xiaoqiaolinglong, symmetry compact, characteristics of both north and south garden," the 10 Wat Park; "Yangzhoubaguai" one of Zheng Banqiao#39;s paintings authentic; Wang Shan Xi Shi Treasures from the fossils, "Tung Tai Shan small," said the Yi Mountain scenery; clear through the end of the four seasons of constant temperature of the old-chuen, Longwan; indeed comparable with the Shihmen Xiangshan Square Hongye; carved out of the Sui and Tang Dynasties period Qilu largest Foku - a camel Hill Danfo statues; "Shoubinanshan" and "people No-inch high "from the Cloud Gate Hill this big stone," Shou "characters; one of China#39;s three major paintings in the woodcut New Year pictures Jiabu Yang; Shijiazhuang rural customs and rural life, the only kite museum," Oriental Disney "Fu-wah amusement park;" harmony between man and nature reunification "Qingyunshan folk amusement park; folk art known as the" Sanjue "high density paper cutting, clay sculpture, flutter gray pictures; the famous Shouguang vegetables, flowers, and so on. Each year on April 20 organized by the Weifang International Kite Festival (Festival), here is the marine kite, the people of different skin colors are gathered in kite, sharing the blue sky, can be as much as kite-flying, who kites, kite purchase, tours scenery , Try out the flavor. Rich and colorful folk customs tourism, entertainment and tourist travel, rural eco-tourism will enable the tourists from abroad to enjoy a taste of Weifang unique style of local culture.