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WanShengQu - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Diego  Date: 07-24 2008  More Attractions
Wansheng District of Chongqing Municipality in south-east, at 28.46-29.06 latitude, longitude 106.45-107.03. People#39;s Government in Wansheng District, Chongqing City Centre from the area 94 kilometers (road mileage). Habitat and the North East District and bordering Nanchuan City, West and the junction of Qijiang County, South Tongzi County, Guizhou Province and neighboring North and South up to 40.5 km, 23 km things most wide area of 565.76 square kilometers in size. Two areas are exempted streets, eight towns, the end of 2005, the region#39;s total population of 273,126 people, the region has 22 ethnic minorities. Wansheng District is very rich in mineral resources, coal, pyrite, limestone, dolomite, soap stone, quartz sand, clay, and so dozens. In particular, coal, limestone, fluorite, dolomite, soap stone, quartz sand, clay, pyrite and other mineral reserves, high-quality, easy exploitation, development of great value. Coal Industry reserves of 308 million tons, pyrite reserves of 12.62 million tons, refractory reserves of 374 million tons Nien, dolomite, limestone reserves, widely distributed. Mineral resources, soap stone (commonly known as black talc) Pottery, a white characteristics of the pan-green camp, and the British porcelain quality comparable to ashes; refractory clay Naihuo Duo to 1610 ℃ -1730 ℃, for the 1-4 grade refractory clay rigid standards . Tourism resources: the region is rich in tourism resources, the scenery pleasant, is nature to our region#39;s unique treasure. Karst topography have created a unique mountain, cave-and-stone forest, water (cold, hot springs) of the natural landscape; extremely valuable canyon-water landscape; obvious characteristics of a three-dimensional climate and a variety can watch the weather Landscape and natural scenery, a number of valuable historical human landscape, and so on. To dilute, the odd, ancient, strange as the characteristics of Wansheng Shilin, Montenegro scenery, canyon rafting, primeval forests constitute a unique tourism resources, mountain climbing, summer holidays, picnic camping, exploration of odd. Scenic areas within Heiye Hou, the clouded leopard, red belly Caragana, pangolins and other rare animals, plants living fossil silver fir and Davidia involucrata, Fujian Parker, a Eucommia, and other countries, the protection of two plants, more than 1,800 kinds of plant species is rare Biological gene bank. The region#39;s unique culture and Miao culture Yelang, is a flashing light of the cultural treasures. Nothing temporary