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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Hailey  Date: 08-04 2008  More Attractions
Tuen Mun in the New Territories West, in the 1960s is a development of new towns, covering about 8,200 hectares and a population of 489,300, of which about 70 percent of the population living in public housing.
ancient and modern outlook of the region co-exist, still retains many characteristics of rural areas, natural areas and historical buildings such as Castle Peak and the Temple of the Red Chamber, also a European color of the Hong Kong Gold Coast.
the region have a different culture, sports and recreational facilities, of which Hong Kong is the first public golf centre and a Public Riding School. By 2003, with the opening of West Rail Phase I, Tuen Mun#39;s external traffic will be greatly improved.
According to the 2001 Population Census and Statistics Department#39;s preliminary report, Tuen Mun district of the population of about 489,300, the median age was 34, the family of the median monthly income of about 000 households in the region about the median monthly rent 75, the lowest in the territory.