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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Joshua  Date: 07-11 2008  More Attractions
Turpan Gu Cheng Kou division, she has a long history and beautiful magic, on the ancient Silk Road city, is located in the Turpan Basin, known as "Fire Island," said. Turpan fusion of the ancient civilization and modern style with its charming and rough, plain and warm personality and unique charm, who travelled Liulianwangfan, life-long memory.
Turpan with all kinds of ancient cultural relics number 70, including the original site to modern times, the Old City site, the tomb group, the Temple Grottoes, Fengsui Inn, rock paintings and so on. Archaeological Finds of tens of thousands, accurate figures have been difficult to statistics, many diaspora overseas, kept in Germany, Japan, Russia, Britain, India, Korea, the United States, a museum, these artifacts to represent in the Silk Road cultural relics Silk fabric is of important historical value and the most famous ancient instruments.
here because of the unique features of the climate, rich grapes, watermelons and other fruits, is the world famous "Grape City." Turpan grapes of a nuclear-free white-renowned domestic and foreign, use it to curing the raisins to the high sugar content, vitamin C, dark green color of the characteristics of raisin varieties in the world,堪称treasures.
Turpan addition to the fragrance of honey excess grape fruits, strange landscapes and scenery of national conditions and customs, and many relics. Bathing the ups and downs still stand more than 2,000 years of Gaochang, the TAC River city, after a lot of wind Choi柏孜克里克Cheonbuldong murals, possession of the Millennium Mummy Astana tomb group, the unique structure of the Qing Dynasty Islamic architecture Sugong Tower, "Journey to the West" is full of myth in the legendary VolcanoLand, the magnificent artificial Qanats underground rivers, vineyards, grapes girl touching love songs, the unique flavor of "Bazza" style, the style Putao Jia Strong Uygur dance, and the unique fossils of the giant rhinoceros, Turpan become a blend of ancient cultural and historical heritage of the treasure land and into "Fire Island" and "Wind Island," "Sha Chau," "Oasis" as one of the geographical history Museum.
Xinjiang unique Qanats, particularly conspicuous in Turpan. This is a very special irrigation systems, to reduce evaporation, local people use the underground water diversion this way, with drilling underground to see Juanjuan flow in culverts and in line slowly. Qanats is Turpan, Xinjiang is the life.