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Tongzhou District in eastern Beijing. Wang Ping-chuan a region, more than the rich river water. East and Sanhe City in Hebei Province, Dachang Hui Autonomous County, Xianghe County, across the canal at the south with the Langfang City, Hebei Province, Tianjin Wuqing County, adjacent to Beijing#39;s Daxing County, West and Chaoyang District, Beijing, Daxing County, adjacent to, North District, Beijing, with the handover. Tongzhou top in the satellite town of Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal End, the capital of the eastern end of Baili Zhang Jie, satellite towns in the alley Zonghengjiaocuo, row upon row of the floor, to the length and breadth of Si, prosperity everywhere.
doors in Beijing Tongzhou, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the northern end, which stands a well-known one of the pagodas of China, she is Randeng Buddha homes Rita. Randeng old Buddha Sakyamuni Buddha is the teacher, his legend around the time of birth so that all the bright lights if so Randeng Dover said. It is said that after his death in the body during the cremation form a pearl-like substances called She Lizi. Randeng care Rita Lord Buddha is a collection of the tower she Li Ran Deng Buddha.
Randeng pagoda is an octagonal Miyan Shi Shi Sanceng solid brick tower. By Block, who, most of the top structure, a 56 meters high, 38.4 meters-Wai, is the highest in Beijing#39;s largest tower. Xu Mizuo Tazuo a form, said Miao-meaning, after the Buddha Xumishan will be able to live in the mountains, reaching the highest level.
Randeng pagoda built in the beginning of more than 1,400 years ago in the Northern Zhou, the Qing Emperor Kangxi of the existing 1946 (1696 AD) built. It not only has a long history, and handsome in appearance, it is a rare art treasures.
Tongzhou District have their specialties, vegetarian sugar Dashun fire, Tung Chau folk have said: "Tung Chau Sambo - Dashun vegetarian sugar on fire, burning small building catfish, Wantong Jiang Doufu." regardless of reputation or by the founders, Is the beginning. Dashun vegetarian burning incense, Crisp, crisp, easy to save, is a rare gift to share. Halal small building small building burned catfish restaurant is the original name "justice and Hsuan," Wantong Jiang Doufu Jiangdou Fu, also known as Dou Furu, Jiangsu and Zhejiang is one area one of the most favorite side dishes. With its base in the sweet, and there are wines, eating up delicious appetizers, the Jiangdou Fu Tung Chau is the canal from the south, from "Wantong" marketing firms, the delicious flavor of the capital so famous.