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TongZhou - JiangSu

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Alyssa  Date: 07-12 2008  More Attractions
- City in southeastern长江入海口Jiangsu Province, north shore, the east Yellow Sea, South by the Yangtze River, and Shanghai Xiangyao lights, with a network linked to North Jiangsu Plain, in airports, railway, highway, port variety known as "Jianghai Pearl, "a reputation. City-administered town of 23, a provincial-level economic development zones, the city#39;s total population of 1.31 million, a total area of 1,637 square kilometers. Tung Chau is the overall strength of the top 100 counties (cities), the national science and technology advanced city, the National Health advanced cities, the famous "land of construction."

since reform and opening up, Tongzhou significantly enhance the overall strength, optimize the industrial structure significantly, and made breakthrough progress in the reforms, the economy further enhance the international level, infrastructure construction with remarkable results, social undertakings to a new level, and obviously the people of the quality of life Improvement, and spiritual civilization achievements. Here, I am pleased by China#39;s urban network, to show concern and support for the development of Tongzhou people at home and abroad, extend my heartfelt thanks and sincere greetings!

enter the new century Tongzhou people, is known as their diligence and wisdom, continue to hold high the development of the theme and focus on the implementation of market-oriented, information and internationalization, urbanization, and better educated "five major strategies," further deepen the reform , To increase the overall economic strength, comprehensively building a well-off-a well-off society and strive to in the Soviet Union in taking the lead in realizing modernization, and Shanghai metropolitan area into the Tongzhou Pearl, the Soviet Union in the most modern flavor in the bright lights, Nantong City, a unique and attractive " Fu City "and the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta for start-ups and live.

Tung Chau-Wuzhou, Tongzhou this hot land for a friendly person to open the door. We wholeheartedly welcome the public at home and abroad to Tongzhou tourist, investment home buyers, in various ways in economic, technological and cultural exchanges.