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TongRen - GuiZhou

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Henry  Date: 08-06 2008  More Attractions
Code: 0856

Zip code: 554300

position: the eastern part of Guizhou Province

Area: total area of 18,023 square kilometers

Population: total population of 3.75 million

nation: Miao, Dong, Tujia, Ge Lo, back, Buyi, Mongolia, and other 29 people, ethnic minority population accounts for 54% of the total population.

divisions: exempted Tongren City, Jiangkou County, Sinan County, Germany County, Songtao Miao Autonomous County, Yuping Dong Nationality Autonomous County, and India#39;s Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Tujia Autonomous County of Yanhe, and the SAR-000. You

Tongren odd landscapes, beautiful scenery and the United States and its monster Fanghua is intoxicated. East Temple, Wu Li on the coast of Jinjiang city, like a faithful guardian of the night guarding the beautiful mountain city, Guaishi rugged mountains, towering Gu Mu, Tingtailouge, elegant spectacular. Boarding view, and rivers Yudai,城池Fei Hua, Jin Jiang Spring, panoramic view; Wen-Bi-feng, Yangsan-something relative, competing Zhenghui, long renowned around the Crystal Club, Jinjiang San Mianhuan hold, just as Yi Wan Crescent, more PricewaterhouseCoopers Cangjin , Tengluo sweeping, floating Cang Dicui, lush.


Tongren for Jinjiang City and three hours, three large bridge between the town of embellishment, like Changhong lying wave, and if Crescent Chuxiu. Jiang Zemin interchange Jinjiang tributaries size, surface wide, blue like a mirror, a river boulder unexpected result, such as the mainstay of the city for one of nature#39;s wonders.


Legend has it when a fisherman in the yuan#39;s in Shide three Tongfo, placed stone, that "Copper", "Tongren" the name of the resulting. Chunnuanhuakai season, the two sides Lvliufeixu, Riyingposuo, boating Jiang, Huangruo outside painting, music in time.


Tongren Prefecture, southwest of the Habitat Although mountain, but the vertical and horizontal, the road network cloth, unobstructed flight paths, traffic is convenient. Here wild幽深, tou strange precious, with many years of good fortune Lingqi world, Tianma, Eucommia, Mi Houtao for the rare natural treasures of health tonics; Tongren#39;s rice, Tongren Doufu Gan, such as fried DCB Tongren area The flavor foods, particularly southwest of national characteristics, taste-Suanla, it is the mouth of Health and Tianjin, Jianpi appetizers, Bao Yen health, food of Yubabuneng.