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TongLiangXian - ZhongQing

Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Sebastian  Date: 08-31 2008  More Attractions
Tongliang County of Chongqing City, Sichuan Basin in south-east, north-west of Chongqing, Tang Changan four years (704 AD) built the county because of the "mini Tongliang Hill" and the name, is the hometown of internationalist soldiers Qiu Shaoyun, and the renowned Chinese and foreign Tongliang Dragon#39;s birthplace. County area of 1,334 square kilometers in size, exempted 33 township, population 810,000. Juanxiu Tongliang mountains and rivers, cultural blend. There are scenery Yi-ni provincial-level scenic spot - Bayue Hill, Xuantian lakes, hot springs resort; CAS has been named as the "Tongliang culture" to update the stone, Yanzhoufangding, the Eastern Han Dynasty pottery, dinosaur fossils and other cultural treasures ; National patriotism education bases - Qiu Shaoyun martyrs memorial. Tongliang Dragon Dance Art goes back to ancient times, profound, Tongliang Dragon twice Jinjing participate in the Republic of the 35th anniversary and 50th anniversary celebrations in the international and domestic competition in the award-winning, Chairman Li Peng wrote an inscription pleased "Tongliang Dragon." Tongliang the strength of basic education, Bayu schools - Tongliang won 21 consecutive secondary school entrance examination big harvest, and three training Chongqing Municipal Science champion. Nothing temporary