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TongHua - JiLin

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Postal Code: 134000

position: Jilin Province in the southwest, west of Liaoning Province and Kuandian, Huanren, Philippines, Qingyuan border, the North and East Fung, rock, Huadian adjacent to the east and Jingyu, Jiangyuan, Baishan City Border, South and North Korea across the River.

Area: total area of 15,600 square kilometers.

Population: 2.2 million population.

administrative divisions: Xianxia Meihekoushi, Jian Shi two county-level city, Liuhe County, Huinan County, Tonghua County, three counties and Dongchang Qu, two Kita Suminoe the municipal area.

Tonghua Changbai Mountains tourist area and is located in the Yalu River development zone, Shanqingshuixiu, beautiful, some strange natural, cultural, historical landscape, for the development of tourism has laid a good foundation. Jian Shi banks of the Yalu River is a beautiful small city, a mild climate, Jilin is known as "mini Jiangnan," said. In the Yalu River on China and North Korea have jointly built the Yunfeng hydropower station, and Tiger post hydropower stations and power stations of the towering dam, the urgency of the original Tuantuan flow into the river smooth as a mirror the reservoir area, the boat tour, the landscape of the United States does not Asia In Guilin. Tonghua urban Jade Emperor Hill Park has the natural landscape群雄show, towering old trees Cangyu tall and straight, Yuhuang Ge, Wang Jiangting, Kowloon booths, such as the Jade Emperor maze landscape. Ancient temples in quiet unique charm.


suburban ducks such as Waterfall Park cave Zhongru God of unfathomable. Jiangnan aerial tramway with high Cheonmasan Ski Resort, snow quality fine. Huinan in the "triangle Longwan" is an ancient volcanic eruption of the volcano Kouhu naturally formed. The summit will Junqiao triangular-shaped lake Jicheng, a boulder-like Hunan Liren, the blue sky line. Luo Shan-forest green onions, caves幽深, Shuixi aspect, ying#39;ebu reservoirs, Bay-Bay Power Station, Forest Park Sanxian folder by natural terrain repair pick from, and talent.


Gao Ming Li Jian Shi was once the capital, where many monuments, retaining more than 1,500 years ago in the historical and cultural heritage. Giant granite stone of the tomb piled - "The General Cemetery" Oriental pyramid known as the "five-helmet grave" and "long-Yi Haomu" lifelike murals in vivid description of Gao Ming-li period of political, economic and Cultural development. Ancient and majestic "King monument is too good," Koguryo history research is very important text.