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Location: Tongchuan, located east longitude 108 ° 34#39;-109 ° 29 #39;, north latitude and 34 ° 50#39;-35 "34#39; between the central Shaanxi Province, Yan#39;an according to the North, South prone Xi#39;an, Weinan, Xianyang border.

Area: total area of 3,882 square kilometers.

Population: 80 million.

administrative divisions: Wang Xian Xia administered, Yintai, Yiu, 3 and Yijun County.

Tongchuan City of Shaanxi Province in central, is a dissemination of the ancient atmosphere, modern city. Tongchuan history goes back to ancient times, its history dating back over 5,000 years ago. Tongchuan Gucheng Tongguanshan. Northern Wei Dynasty Emperor, too, for Tongguanshan County. Northern Zhou Emperor years, to "Tongguanshan" as "the same official." 1946 "with officials" changed to "Tongchuan." April 28, 1949, liberation of all of Tongchuan, in 1958 the city has built dismantling County.


Tongchuan City, the total population of 860,000, of which 53 per cent of the total population of the industrial area of 3,882 square kilometers. The city administered Wang, Yin Tai, Yiu states, District 40 and Yijun County.

Tongchuan Tongchuan city has abundant natural resources. Has been proven or are in the exploitation of mineral resources are mainly coal, oil shale, limestone, refractory clay, ceramic clay, bauxite and iron ore, and other seven categories of over 10 kinds, of which the largest coal reserves, amounted to over 30 million tons . Limestone reserves of more than 20 million tons, construction, metallurgy, chemical fiber raw materials of the best. Forests cover 42 per cent. Wildlife resources in the country as second class protected animals Jin Qianbao, otters, etc.; plants have hawthorn, and more than 350 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines Seabuckthorn, with appropriate (Jun) Party (Senate) and Yao (Huang County)-ling most famous . Tou, in addition to apples, chili pepper, there are pepper, garlic, peaches, pears, apricots, persimmons, walnuts, and so on. Here are the Tang Dynasty

Sun Simiao doctors to practise in seclusion and Yaowang Shan Tang Taizong Li Shimin summer, the monk Xuan Zang Translation Yuhua Gong passed away in ruins. Liugong great Tang Dynasty calligrapher to the Northern Song Dynasty painter Fan Kuan were born in Tongchuan. Yijun the Ministry of Culture has been named as the "Chinese painting rural farmers." China, one of the eight-Yao Ming Yao, porcelain, "Qiao such as the Fan, refined than Zhuoyu." There are also Buddhist resort Xiangshan, Meng Jiangnv to Jiangnv Temple, and other offerings. Tongchuan people Tongchuan photos, landscape and the natural landscape integration, and tourism is a good place for summer vacation.

gift of the rich history and unique tourism resources, formed a ceramic Tongchuan unique cultural tours, medical care tours, summer leisure travel and Buddhist culture, such as the four major outbound tourism projects. With the deepening of reform and opening up, modernization of the Tongchuan City growing, in a West copper, seven-West rail and road package, a copper West Highway, transportation is very convenient; tourism reception facilities are maturing. Currently has four high-scale foreign tourist hotel; City travel agencies in the region is the largest domestic travel agencies involved in the tourism business more than 10 provinces and cities.

Tongchuan City heritage and rich tourism resources, the existing historical and cultural sites more than 600 sites, of which the city more than 28 sites. The famous "two sites the two mountains," that is, Yuhua Gong sites, sites and Xiangshan Yaozhou Yao, Yao Wangshan Shaanxi northern line has become an important component of tourism. Jade Mountain is the site of the Tang Gaozu Yuhua Gong Li Yuan and Li Shimin of the Tang Taizong palace and the monk Xuan Zang Translation, passed away in it. Known as "Yao Chang Shili," Yao Zhouyao sites, China is by far the most well preserved found a Tongchuan picture Block-Tang, the Five Dynasties, Song, Jin and Yuan various periods in a furnace of the essence of ancient ruins,堪称Contemporary China#39;s largest underground Ceramics Museum. It Hing in the Tang, Song Sheng in, with Yu, will be, official, Jun, Columbia said that the six kilns of China. Xiangshan with Putuo, 5, Jiuhua, Emei said all five major Buddhist mountains, the temple began Fu Qin, in Yao Qin Sheng, had Ying Qiuci monk Kumarajiva translated by the Vatican this. Yao Wangshan physician because of the Tang Dynasty Royal Sun Simiao was closed, "Yao Wang," The Biography of the world. Magnificent mountain temple, PricewaterhouseCoopers trees, forest monument, elegant beautiful scenery. The northern outskirts of the Jinsuoguan, "three-days for cutting, the two Gap stone as customs," for the successive military strategists battleground. In addition, there are the remains of Lienv Meng Jiangnv Jiangnv Temple, Liu Fan painting of the Mobao Xue and Zhao Jiazhai the Qifeng, and so on. Tongchuan old times, a famous philosopher Fu Xuan Western Jin Dynasty, Tang Dynasty calligrapher Liugong the right historian Linghu Germany Fen (read fen, out) and the Northern Song Dynasty Fan Kuan and other well-known painter of ancient sages. Yaoxian as the region is Shangan border revolutionary base, Liu Zhidan, Xiezai long, He Long and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation have here are engaged in revolutionary activities.

Tongchuan existing foreign-related tourist hotels (Hotel) 4. Special tourist routes, "Yao porcelain Cultural Tour," "Health Care Tour", "Buddhism Pursuit Tour", "leisure Bishu Tour", "Meng Jiangnv Legend Series Tour" and "Liu Fan painting Tour", each year attracting Numerous domestic and foreign tourists for sightseeing.