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TieLing - LiaoNing

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position: located in northern China#39;s Liaoning

Area: 13,000 square km

Population: 2941000

administrative divisions: jurisdiction, silver, Qinghe, Kaiyuan Shi, iron law city, Tieling Xian, Changtu County, Xifeng Xian. City Bank, based in the District.

Tieling is located in Tieling City, Liaoning Province in northern China, South and Shenyang, Fushun and the East, West and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Jilin Province, bordering with the North. exempted, silver, Qinghe, Kaiyuan Shi, iron law city, Tieling County, Changtu County, Xifeng Xian. City Bank, based in the District.

Tieling is a temperate-continental monsoon climate, natural Tieling general picture is roughly "four-one-quarter of water, roads and a sub-manor." Changbai mountains of eastern Yumo. Ice La Hill, Chengzihe Hill, Ji Guanshan, Long Hill Cengluan overlapping the first barrier, towering trees, wild animals and plants many of Tieling City, is the main base of forestry. Liaohe River Basin mainly to the central and western plains, flat topography, soil fertilizer Low, the rich variety of crops and cash crops, the yield is the main area of Tieling City. Tieling has been called the "breadbasket northern Liaoning," said.

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Tieling rich in natural resources, minerals are the main coal, iron law of the coal mine is one of the eight major coal production base, the coal reserves of 232,000 tons, with an annual output of 15 million tons of raw coal It is the super-sized coal enterprises; River Power Plant, Tieling installed capacity of 2.5 million kilowatt power plant, the generating capacity of 16 billion kwh. Non-metallic minerals are limestone, marble, perlite, granite, wollastonite, agate, magnesite, and so on, metal ore are aluminum, zinc, copper, gold, silver, etc., are in the Liaohe River, Qinghe, such as drainage area in Chaihe 100 square kilometers above the 39 rivers and reservoirs 94, Qinghe, Chaihe, Nancheng son of the stick Ling four major water volume in more than 200 million cubic meters, of which River reservoir water storage capacity of 970 million cubic meters.


Tieling City in the division on the vegetation in temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest and temperate zones Interchange mixed-broad, rich forest plant species, about 1,000 species. The type of broad-leaved trees, mainly La Yeshu. In broad-leaved species of oak tree was the dominant species, and Yang, Liu, Cheng, locust, elm, Ash, walnuts autumn, yellow pineapple, and other valuable species. To create a more artificial conifer forest, to a maximum of larch, followed by Chinese pine, the Korean pine, Scotch Pine and Spruce-fir. , Produces over 40,000 cubic meters of wood.


Tieling or hawthorn key areas of the country, open to national commodity production base in Hawthorn, Xi Fengxian, Tieling Xian for Hawthorn commodity production bases in the county; keeping the main livestock Pigs, horses, Rousi Ji, ducks, geese excluded, deer, cattle and of small-tail sheep, more than 70 varieties of species. Tieling cattle industry is well developed and has introduced Lee-Chan, Angus Simmental, Charolais beef cattle quality, Xifeng, Changtu by the state as a demonstration counties Straw cattle, cattle rearing in the city has exceeded 1.25 million ; Sheep farming, 450,000, 160,000 slaughter, Changtu County, the rural Taiwan has developed into China#39;s northeast region#39;s largest production base of small-tail sheep breeding; excluded goose is the world#39;s species of goose laying the highest one-chang Figure County was named the national "China excluded geese town."