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Source: ChinaTravelGood   Author: Owen  Date: 08-02 2008  More Attractions
Taiwan#39;s Taoyuan County in the northwest, in the past because of the prefecture Bianzhi Peach, Trend Fuyu, and a peach or peach Aberdeen Park, known as Stream, 12-Guangxu (1886) to the official name of Taoyuan, formed in 1941 for the Taoyuan County . County terrain can be broadly classified into the coastal plains, hilly Platform, the three most high mountain terrain. County area of 1,220 square kilometers, population 1.19 million.
Taoyuan County#39;s tourist resources are mainly concentrated in the southeastern part of Tahsi, Longtan, rehabilitation and other townships, such as Tahsi Street, Lee Teng-fang Mansion, Saimyoji, Lianzuo Kwun Yam Shan Temple, and other literature, history and monuments, and the famous Tahsi Dougan, wood, etc.; Central Shihmen Reservoir area, Pearl Bay, fairy-tale world, Kunlun medicinal botanical gardens, Longxi Garden, Ding-wan, another Hall Tahsi, such as the beautiful scenery of the recreation area, the Longtan Township is the villain of this area The key role, and rich reservoir of fresh fish also started the name of the Shihmen fish. Northern Cross-Island Highway is the most wonderful tourist County line, the thread from Chihu, corner boards Mountain, the East Mountain Forest Recreation Area eyes, small scenic Wulai, and the concept of Baling vicinity of the Mountain Nature Reserve, Ga Pull-Spa, and the summer hit the water Mitao middle period, but also a Dadan. Coastal areas, Wing On and Chuk Yuen North and South were the two major fishing port in Taoyuan County, accompanied by development of the fishing industry from the city#39;s tourism and fisheries and forest of seafood restaurants, tourism has become the protagonist of Taoyuan coastal areas.