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TangShan - HeBei

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Location: Hebei Province in north-east, south Bohai Sea, according to the Yanshan North, East and bordering Qinhuangdao City, West and the Beijing, Tianjin adjacent area of 13,472 square kilometers.

Area: 13,472 square km

Population: 7060000

divisions: administered Kaiping District, Guye District, Lunan Qu, Lubei Qu, Feng Runqu, Fengnan District, Zunhua City, Qian#39;an City, Qian Xixian, Yutian County, Luanxian, Luannan County, Tanghai County, Laoting county.

Tangshan is located in the heart of the Bohai Sea ring, known as "Jing-dong treasure land", is a 100-year-old Chinese coastal city. Here the birth of China#39;s first modern Meijing, the first standard gauge railway, the first steam locomotive, the first bags of cement, the first thing sanitary ceramics, Tangshan known as "the cradle of China#39;s modern industry." Tangshan
Coming to know the world, mostly because of that great 1976 earthquake, and the re-emergence of post-earthquake. In 10 short years, people in Tangshan rebuild on the ruins of a brand new city, in 1990, Tangshan was awarded the United Nations awarded the "Habitat Awards."
Tangshan Mountain ocean geography, complex and varied landscape and unique types of local history and culture, creating a wide range of very unique tourism resources. Along the ancient Great Wall in northern style, authentic, a blend of the essence of the Great Wall. Qianxi underwater Great Wall, Qian#39;an marble Great Wall, Jiufeng Mountain "stem build the Great Wall", the Great Wall brick kilns "left three kiln," XIFENGKOU, Castle Peak customs were the Great Wall beauty. Dongling existing China-the largest and most complete system of one of the Royal Lingqin. Set the southern coastal line the waterfront, on one island, Shuiqing, soft sand, Chao-ping, Xiaoshu leisure and attractive. Popular Science Tangshan cultural tourism as the same rich, you can go to the earthquake ruins, monuments and memorials seismic feel immense power of nature and human beings the courage to rebuild their homes, can also go to steam locomotive, ceramics production lines and underground Kairuan travel deeper understanding of China#39;s modern industrial civilization .
History. Tangshan, a city in central urban areas because of Hill (formerly Tangshan) named. Tangshan has a long history, as early as 40,000 years ago in interest-bearing human crafts. Bamboo is a solitary behalf of the Warring States for Yan, Han is Youzhou, belong to the Qing Dynasty Yongping House Zhili province Zhili and Zunhua state. Here in the Tang dynasty, was a village, from the Ming dynasty onwards to a certain degree of development, mainly in agriculture, quarrying and ceramic industry. As the late Qing Dynasty, "Westernization Movement," the rise of the Qing Guangxu 2003 (1877) located in Tangshan Kaiping Mining Bureau, the introduction of advanced Western technology, Bankuangwamei. Qiao Zhunzhen built in 1878 in Tangshan, in 1889 renamed the town of Tangshan, in 1938 the city built the official, China is the birthplace of modern industrial one. China#39;s first modern Meijing, the first standard gauge railway, the first steam locomotive, the first bags of cement, ceramic health were first born here, known as "the cradle of Chinese modern industry" and "North porcelain are . " 唐山照片
natural resources. Tangshan mild climate and diverse topography, soil fertile, agricultural and sideline products is a variety of enrichment-producing areas, known as "Jing-dong treasure land." The northern mountainous area rich chestnut, walnut, apple, such as Ganxianguopin Hongguo, "Jing-dong chestnut" Chimingzhongwai; rich central plains of corn, wheat, rice, peanut and other agricultural and sideline products, known as "Jidong granary" of the reputation of the south coast is Bohai Bay an important fishing ground and is also the focus on producing crude salt, Nanpu saltworks is Asia#39;s largest salt works. Coastal Land 196.5 km long coastline, the beach and shallow water development potential is great. More varieties of mineral resources and reserves, fine texture, focus on distribution, easy-election. Has been identified and have proven reserves of 47 kinds of mineral deposits. Coal reserve of 6.25 billion tons, for the main producing areas of the coke, iron ore reserve of 5.75 billion tons, is one of the three major iron ore zone. Oil, natural gas, limestone, and gold reserves are very impressive. 唐山图片
Fengwu culture. Tangshan rich cultural heritage, the old times. "Fresh-Su," "Laomashitu," Qi Jiguang "to fight" have taken place in the story here. Tangshan is the birthplace of China Pingju, Pingju, Shadowgraph, Laoting drums as the "three Jidong spent" at home and abroad have wide implications. China#39;s existing Tanglin-largest and most complete construction of the Royal Lingqin, was listed as world cultural heritage; still pass the Great Wall, King Zhong Shan, Lime Island, the Silver Beach, Li Dazhao Memorial Hall and the former residence of the humanities, and other natural landscape, Tourism has now become a good place. Tangshan cuisine restaurants are Jingdong, honey Matang, pawn Shaobing, Miles-Baji, and other specialties renowned. Talented people here. World-renowned literary great masters, "A Dream of Red Mansions" Cao Xueqin, author of Plumper people, whose ancestral home is in Tangshan, China Pingju main founder of a trillion born in Tangshan in Luannan Xian, China#39;s communist movement pioneer, the main one of the founders of the Communist Party of China Li Dazhao Tangshan#39;s home in Laoting county. Tangshan people#39;s diligence and wisdom, perseverance, and be creative spirit. In the long-term revolution and construction, Zhucheng the Kailuan miners "to fight" the spirit of the West shop "Qiongbang Zi" spirit, shashiyu "contemporary spirit of Yu Gong", cemented in the earthquake relief in the spirit of the earthquake, These are valuable spiritual wealth. Tangshan
The urban environment. After the Tangshan earthquake was the rise of new cities, city zoning clear, municipal facilities and beautiful environment clean, modern higher level. City tap water penetration, gas penetration, centralized sewage treatment rate, heating rate reached 100%, 97%, 65% and 83% of the same rank of the leading cities. 1990 Tangshan in the country won the first United Nations "Habitat Awards." Tangshan convenient transportation connections. And the joint construction of the Beijing Jingtang Port, with more than 120 domestic and international shipping port to achieve, ranks among the top 20 ports nationwide. Beijing Kazakhstan, Beijing-Qinhuangdao and Datong-Qinhuangdao Railway and the Beijing Route 103 Yu, Tang Qin, Jingtang State Road 103 and had to wear Habitat, Beijing-Shenyang (Tangshan), Tang Chun, Tang Hong Kong, 104 West Outer Ring Expressway cutting into net around the city Three-dimensional interactive, constitutes a modern transport network.
Economic and social. Since reform and opening up, the Tangshan national economy and various social undertakings developing rapidly, overall economic strength significantly enhanced. Since the 1976 earthquake causes of reform and opening up the early resumption of Tangshan in a side-building period. Restoration of basic construction in 1986 after the completion of Tangshan economic development into the fast lane. In 1988 the city#39;s gross national product to achieve a doubling in 1994 to achieve a second double in 1996 into a comprehensive national strength of 50. 2003 gross national product reached 129.5 billion yuan, 13 billion yuan of fiscal revenue all. The comprehensive agricultural and rural development, fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean hogs, Bansu, peanuts, aquatic products of the six-growing economies of scale, the industrial management of agriculture rate of 51 percent. Industry has formed coal, steel, electricity, building materials, machinery, chemicals, ceramics, textiles, paper and other 10 major pillar industries, mechanical and electrical integration, electronic information, biological engineering, new materials, high-tech industry groups in four solid start. As the country#39;s major energy and raw materials industrial base, the existing Tangshan Kailuan, Tangshan Iron and Steel Co., Jidong Cement, rolling stock, the Friends of the three alkali industry, such as Tangshan Ceramics large key advantages of a large number of enterprises. Opening to the outside world initially formed a comprehensive, multi-level and wide-ranging pattern. Total foreign capital actually used 2.4 billion U.S. dollars, the completion of 243-funded enterprises in 2003, the city#39;s total import and export volume reached 1.03 billion U.S. dollars. In economic development, the building of spiritual civilization and all-round development of various social undertakings, has won the country to create a civilized city in the advanced work, the double-support model city, the National Health City, the National Urban Landscaping advanced countries such as the honorary title. People#39;s lives to achieve overall well-off level. In 2003 the city#39;s urban residents and per capita disposable income per capita net income of farmers reached 8,060 yuan and 3,785 yuan. Tangshan
Future development. Tangshan#39;s future development faces good opportunities to win the party held to mark the 16th National Party Congress, China has entered the comprehensive construction of a well-off society and accelerating socialist modernization construction of a new stage. Hebei provincial party committee and government have high hopes for the development of Tangshan, Tangshan request to seize the opportunity to take the lead in development, and strive to walk in the forefront of Hebei. We are determined to earnestly implement the spirit of the 16th National Party Congress to comprehensively building a well-off society in controlling the overall situation, emancipate the mind, advancing with the times, innovative and pragmatic, and give full play area, resources, ports and marine advantages, adhere to the people-oriented, adhere to a comprehensive, coordinated, Sustainable development, further promote the implementation of export-oriented, the city through science and education, urbanization and sustainable development strategy, speed up the strategic adjustment of economic structure, improve the socialist market economic structure, optimize the environment for development and constantly improve people#39;s living standards, strengthening political civilization and spiritual civilization And promote comprehensive economic and social development, in the walk at the forefront of the province to accelerate the goal. To 2007, the city#39;s gross domestic product in 2000 on the basis of doubling the total economy basically reached Hebei one fifth by 2015, achieving a second double in Hebei completed the first comprehensive well-off society in 2020 to Hebei take the lead in achieving industrialization and modernization into the future.