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TangGuQu - TianJin

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Tianjin area. Tianjin in the east. The east Bohai Sea, the two sides to cross the sea River area of 859 square kilometers. Exempted Jiefang Lu, Xigu, the Bohai Sea oil, Sunningdale, New River, the East sell, Marina, Beitang, Hangzhou Road, three Huai Road, Tai Mr Leung Tsz, New Village, Newport 13 neighborhood offices; Centre Bridge, Zhongxinzhuang, Deng Shanxi Sell, sell cars Ning, Chuang Tzu, the first River, Metro, donkeys eight horse River Township. Central Government, based in Yingkou on the 22nd. The region population 450,000, of which agricultural population 70,000. Tanggu district into land only Liuqibainian ago.
Tanggu low-lying flat, a temperate continental monsoon climate. Tanggu Ocean is rich in natural resources, pending development of the beach area of 230 square kilometers, offshore aquatic species are the major shrimp, crab, Barracuda, Mao cockles, nearly 20 kinds, such as jellyfish, Tianjin is the main supply and aquatic products export bases, Zhang Lu, the prestigious domestic salt output more than 1 million tons, is the ideal marine chemical production of raw materials. Oil Bohai Sea Cenozoic rocks 3,200 meters thick, covering 24,000 square kilometers, the initial estimates may generate more than 93 billion tons of oil. Geothermal resources in the region to 43.487 billion tons.
Tanggu of Tianjin is an important industrial base, the marine chemical industry and shipbuilding industry a long history. Various types of existing industrial enterprises in the past 400, respectively, in the salt, chemical, oil, shipbuilding, electrical and mechanical, building materials, hardware, wool textile, garment, knitting, food and other industries. The region has 5,231 hectares of cultivated land area, mariculture area of 2,668 hectares; freshwater aquaculture area of 2,213 hectares. The region has 664 retail outlets. Large country markets have all closed Xiangyang market, the old corner market and the Oriental trade Street, the shopping malls are larger commercial buildings, Xinhua shopping malls, Friendship Store, Yingkou, non-staple food shopping malls, Jiefang Lu non-staple food shopping centres, shopping centres and other hardware Huaxing , A foreign hotel north hotels, guesthouses victory, the Bohai Sea Hotel. Residential construction area of the region 4.766 million square meters. The region per capita public green area 1.78 square meters, green coverage ?.3%. Tanggu gas and oil storage capacity of liquefied gas were 59,000 cubic meters and 1,420 tons, urban gas and oil gas cooking Qihua Shuai more than 90 percent. Railway lines have Jingshan, a Tanggu stations in the region, Beitang Station; NOL (Beitang contact line positions to the south), Beitang in the region with West Point; Lee Hong Kong local railways around the southern border. Tanggu station 178.8 km from Beijing, for first-class station, management Tanggu South Station, 300 tons Station and Newport station. Main roads and highways have Jintang Jingu Road (from Tianjin to Taku) and the Jingjintang Expressway. Local roads total of 268, 275 km long.
Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone located in Tanggu. Tanggu district are 34 secondary schools. Tanggu in a secondary priority for the city; kindergartens by 286, a variety of medical and health institutions 172, care packages Quzhu nine hospitals, eight hospitals, 144 health posts, enterprises Hospital 11. There are 10 research units, including scientific research units in the Tanggu 6; Stadium 2, a stadium; Library 2; theaters 24; have a park. Key national heritage conservation units Taku Fort, located in the south bank of Haihe River mouth Taku, is the modern Chinese people against the war of aggression important sites; Yellow Sea Society, is the pioneer in the 1920s chemical Fan Xudong, Houde Bang, such as the Office of China#39;s first private research groups, and Chao Yinsi.