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Zip code: 318000

position: Zhejiang Province in the central coast, Nan Lin, Wenzhou, Jinhua and the West, Lishui border, the North-Ningbo, Shaoxing.

Area: total area of 9,411 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 1,536 square kilometers.

Population: 5485200

About Us: Taizhou tourism "Buddha, mountains, sea, city and holes" in the five most characteristics, with key national scenic spots and places of Tiantai Mountain state-level historical and cultural city and waterfront, and Xianju, Tao Zhu, long Lantau cave days, the mountains - Southern rock song four provincial-level scenic spots.

Taizhou China#39;s gold coast is a young coastal city, located in the central coastal Zhejiang, Shanghai Economic Area, the most southern wing. Taizhou City Centre at the East Drive and 122 degrees, 28 degrees north latitude, is a subtropical monsoon climate type. for urban Jiaojiang, Huangyan, road and bridge three areas. Linhai administered, the two cities in Wenling, Yuhuan, rooftops, Xianju, three four counties. The city#39;s land area of 9,411 square km and marine area of 80,000 square kilometres, population 5.46 million. Of which the urban area of 1536 square kilometres, population 1.4 million.

Taizhou has a long history, Gangnam pterosaur fossils are found and more than 5,000 years ago Neolithic culture of the Xiatang birthplace. After the reunification of the Chinese emperor Pu back to the establishment of townships, and the Han Dynasty (85 BC) to set up Pu county, the Three Kingdoms Period (AD 257) in Linhai County home, the Tang dynasty (622) from Taizhou said. After the founding of new China has been formed to Civil Administration, August 1994, the State Council approved the establishment of menstrual Taizhou City.

Sankaikan Taizhou have both the benefits, there is the history of "sea mountain" reputation. Taizhou in Zhejiang are the main origin of the food. Rice is China#39;s first super-per-mu yield Qian Jin, Qian Jin-chao two places. Taizhou is also China#39;s major Shuiguozhixiang, Huangyan Mijie of fruit and Yuhuan Wendan well-known Chinese and foreign. Taiwan is one of China#39;s major fishing areas, the East China Sea has vast and fertile fishing grounds, fishing output ranked first in Zhejiang.
Taizhou economic development, market prosperity, China is the birthplace of stock cooperative system. 20 years of reform and opening up, thinking of the liberation of the people of Taizhou, arduous pioneering, forge ahead, to find a suitable for the development of the economic situation in the road, initially established a socialist market economy with the pattern, so that only a relatively backward agricultural areas faster Completed the initial stage of industrialization, into the coastal economically developed city ranks.

Taizhou convenient transportation, advanced communications. Haimen Hong Kong has always been an important port of foreign relations, the first year, 230 mainland and Taiwan opened the routes. Today#39;s Taizhou, with the port, airport, 104 State Road, Coastal Highway, has completed a preliminary three-dimensional land, sea and air transport system.

Taizhou study flourished since ancient times, for the culture of state. Local Chun-Hou and social stability. Sankaikan beautiful, and many relics. Education technology, talented people. Tianbao of China, China#39;s affluent Gold Coast into place.

1999, approved by the State Council, Taizhou City in Zhejiang Province identified as the major cities of the pattern and level of economic sub-district. 2000, Taizhou city party committee and government made a "large-scale industrial development, the development of the great port, and build the transport, building large cities," the strategic objectives, located in Taizhou prosperous, civilized, beautiful modern port city.

Taizhou second goal is to take off: in 2020 by the Trade and Industry developed into a modern coastal city.