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TaiZhou - JiangSu

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position: Jiangsu in central and northern shore of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, a total area of 5,793 square kilometers, of which the urban area of 428 square kilometers.

population: the city#39;s total population of 4.97 million, of which the urban population of 600,000.

divisions: Hailing jurisdiction, the two areas and high Xinghua, Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan four county-level city.

Taizhou in Jiangsu is located in the central part of the north shore of the Yangtze River. August 1996, approved by the State Council, established in Taizhou City, the prefectural level, administered Jingjiang, Taixing, Jiangyan, Xinghua City, and four Hailing, high and Hong Kong, a total area of 5,793 square kilometers, the total population of 5.0277 million, of which the urban area 628,100 people.

Taizhou Taizhou is an ancient historical and cultural city. Taizhou has 2100 years of history. Gu Cheng Hai Duong, Hailing, early Han Dynasty home county, the county set up the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Southern Tang statehood, from "国泰民安" meaning the name from Taizhou and before. Ancient Guangling Taizhou and Yangzhou, Changzhou Lanling, Nanjing Jinling echoes, known as "ancient Han and Tang Dynasties County, Huaihai District," said. Taizhou history of humanity, a Chinese Ming Xian come forth in large numbers. "Outlaws of the Marsh" by Shi Naian, "Taizhou School" founder philosopher Wang Gen, "Yangzhoubaguai" representative of Zheng Banqiao, arts master Mei Lanfang Peking Opera, geologists Ding Wenjiang, and so are the Taizhou history of outstanding cultural celebrities Representatives. The anti-hero Yue Fei, politicians writer Fan Zhongyan, such as calligraphy and painting master Qi Baishi in Taizhou, or business administration or, for the history of Taizhou left a bright one. Taizhou in many sites. Existing ancient sites, ancient buildings, hundreds of ancient stone inscriptions, which as a municipal heritage preservation in a 134, the city has a five museums, more than 10,000 pieces of cultural relics collection, many of Xishi treasures. Millennium ancient temples in-law Hau Temple in the renowned Buddhist circles at home and abroad, and Japan for Park, the Temple Chung-Ju, Yue Wangmiao, stability College, Shi Naian cemetery, Zheng Banqiao#39;s former residence, such as Mei Lanfang Memorial human landscape of Taizhou is both historical and cultural treasures. Taizhou is also a have a glorious tradition of the old revolutionary base areas. During the Great Revolution, Communist Party members Shen Yi here launched the "May 1 Uprising" during the War of Resistance Against Japan, Chen Yi led his troops into the Soviet Union, the three-Taizhou, a decisive battle Huangqiao; During the War of Liberation, Su Yu command here in the famous Su "Seven-seven Czech Republic" campaign. April 1949, the PLA Navy, was born in the White Horse Temple.

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Taizhou is a fast rise of the emerging industry and trade city. Level since the formation of Taizhou City, the city#39;s national economic and social development cause has made considerable Taizhou picture. 2004, the city realized gdp705.20 billion yuan, 8.647 billion yuan of fiscal revenue, urban residents and per capita disposable income of 9,695 yuan, per capita net income of farmers 4,574 yuan, the year-end balance of 71.209 billion yuan of deposits. Taizhou rich agricultural resources, known as "Yumizhixiang", "Ginkgo of villages," "land of fish" the reputation of the country#39;s important commodity grain, high-quality cotton, lean pork, fresh products, high-quality ginkgo production base and vegetables production and processing Export base. Xinghua City by the National Environmental Protection Agency finds that as a state-level ecological demonstration zones, Jiangyan City in Jiangsu Province was identified as provincial-level eco-agriculture pilot counties (cities), Jiangyan City River Cross Village was awarded the United Nations Environment Programme, "the Global Environment 500 good" title. Taizhou industrial solid economic foundation. Various types of existing industrial enterprises in more than 34,000, of which 1,083 above-scale enterprises, form a mechanical and electrical, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medicine, building materials as the main pillar industries. The city#39;s nearly 100 products of the scale of production, market share among the best in the country, of which 56 products production and sales in the nation#39;s top three counterparts, 17 products become "#39;s singles champion," the emergence of Chunlan Group, the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group, the Mausoleum Optical Group, in the Dan Group, Xingda Steel Cord, such as the new century shipbuilding sales of 1 billion yuan or break a billion corporate profits and taxes. The Chunlan (Group) Company is the largest one of 50 enterprise groups, the total size of the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group and efficiency indicators since 1996, for seven consecutive years in the province accompanied reelection as the top. Taizhou, the construction industry developed rapidly, with housing construction general contracting business two premium quality, a quality three enterprises, two qualified enterprises 59, the removal of several of the highest quality construction Lu Award ----" Class Award ", the construction market at home and abroad to win the" franchise "," Iron Army "of the title. Taizhou services sector is developing rapidly. The city has 360 various markets, including 25 ultra-billion market, business catering, and other traditional industries continued to grow, transport, post and telecommunications, municipal services high-speed development of basic industries, finance and insurance, information consultation, community services, real estate, and other industries to rise rapidly .

Taizhou Taizhou is a comprehensive development of social undertakings in the civilized cities. Taizhou, known as "Rural education" reputation, the city#39;s 1,134 schools have all kinds, including national, provincial-level key high school by more than 20, five colleges and universities. Jiangsu Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College, Taizhou Vocational and Technical College, Taizhou Teachers College, Nan Ligong Taizhou School of Science and Technology, Southern Normal University School of Taizhou and Taizhou Radio and Television University continue to grow and develop. Science and technology success. Taizhou City, was classified as advanced scientific and technological progress in the province, Taixing City, was listed as the National Model City, scientific and technological progress, Jiangyan city was listed as the National Science and Technology of the pilot cities. At the end of 2004, the city has all kinds of technology professionals over 20 million people, founder of the municipal plant run more than 105 research and development institutions, including post-doctoral workstations 9; 118 provincial-level high-tech enterprises, high-tech products 448, a state-level 19 high-tech enterprises. Culture, health and sports developed by leaps and bounds. Completion of the advanced culture of three provincial cities, four provincial-level advanced health care in family planning and three advanced city, a family planning model city. The city#39;s total health care institutions (including clinics) 635, including hospitals, 169 health centers, health and epidemic prevention, control 17 agencies, maternal and child health institutions 5. The end of all types of health professionals 16,245 people, of which 7,497 were doctors. The city has 11,130 medical beds, including hospitals, 10,981 hospital beds. City People#39;s Hospital, the Urban Chinese medicine hospital ranks among the three hospitals. Jianshiyilai, the city#39;s athletes to participate in the provincial competition over access to a total 85 gold medals, 66 silver and 65 bronze medals. Social Security is developing rapidly. Retirees and the unemployed insurance implemented in full, on time, social institutions, urban and rural minimum living the establishment of a comprehensive security system, medical insurance coverage continued to expand, social relief, relief, mutual aid, welfare and other social security undertakings continued to develop.

Taizhou Taizhou is an excellent investment environment in the beautiful city. Taizhou surface convenient traffic, is in obvious advantages. Jiang Su in the Dahai the five convergence in this important waterway, the Yangtze River and coastal areas is "t"-type industrial belt of the Department. To a country open ports ---- Taizhou Hong Kong as the main river ports in groups beginning to take shape, more than 10,000-ton berths 5, Taizhou, the Hong Kong container terminal handling capacity reached 100,000 tons TEUs. Taizhou, with rivers-Reply, Pai, aircraft, and other functions in one, known as "China#39;s Rhine." Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge to Tianqian change thoroughfare, Taizhou and Shanghai, southern Jiangsu#39;s fast-track. 328 State Road, Nanjing-Highway, Jing-Canton Highway, Ning-Jing-Yan Highway, the Beijing-Shanghai expressway and a new long (Xinyi - Changxing) railway, Ning Qi (Nanjing - Qidong) railway in Taizhou in Zonghengjiaocuo. Taizhou ever-changing urban landscape. Ancient city of Taizhou and water are closely linked, both within and outside the city water network clouds, Street drainage dependencies, formed a long axis Rice River to north and south, two城池its wings, and the city of Cheng He staggered around the Yudai River, water Round, City hold water, parallel River Street, Shuicheng one of the city pattern, because the shape of Phoenix, Taizhou City of Phoenix has another name. Taizhou social good living environment. Local honest, hardworking and kind-hearted, law-abiding. In recent years, the mass activities to build spiritual civilization flourished, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province, was rated as a civilized city. Taizhou solid promote integrity, honesty enterprise platform is being established. Peace-building activities in Taizhou-depth development, social order remained stable, Jingjiang City, Hong Kong was rated as high urban provincial security. Taizhou fast efficient service at all levels of government. Level since the formation of Taizhou City, with its highly efficient operation mechanism, the authority of regulation and control mechanism and strict monitoring mechanism has gradually formed by the management of service-oriented changes to the government work mode. Taizhou, the province took the lead in the implementation of the administrative examination and approval system reform, streamlining approval of 426 administrative examination and approval matters, the city set up service centres, 19 departments set up "convenience services Hall", 39 departments and units to the community to optimize the public service Commitment. Open liberal policy environment, quality and efficient service environment, strict laws regulating the environment, healthy and civilized human environment so that foreign investors feel at home.


Taizhou is a development to accelerate the pace of opening up the waterfront city. The deadline for September 2004, has more than 40 countries and regions in the investment business to Societe Generale in Taizhou, a total funded enterprises to set up more than 1700, the total foreign capital actually used 1.977 billion U.S. dollars. The world-famous multinational companies such as South Korea lg, Yamaha, Kubota,瑞士魏德曼, the United States gmt, the Netherlands Akzo companies have been set up in Taizhou. Strong growth of import and export trade. The city#39;s existing import-export enterprises to be 256, the development of export markets to 137 countries and regions. Further expand economic cooperation with foreign countries. The city#39;s export of labor services throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, the United States and other 34 countries and regions, met with Newport News in the United States, Australia Latrobe City, South Korea Eumseong County, Fen Lanke Teka City, the conclusion of four friendly cities城市. Taizhou in the Yangtze River shoreline nearly 100 km, of which more stable -10 m above 60 km deep-water shoreline, opening up and development along the Yangtze River is becoming an important segment. At present, the overall plan for development along the river prepared. Yang Wan Conch Cement, the Mausoleum of asphalt-heavy cross - fuel oil and other key industrial projects have been set up along the river, along the highway, Taizhou Power Plant, and other key infrastructure projects progressing smoothly, Sinopec (Taizhou) Development Park, the Chinese Fine Chemicals ( Taixing) Park, Jiangyin Jingjiang Park, and other key development zones park development momentum is good.