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Location: Taichung#39;s narrow shape of the East-West, ranked Taiwan#39;s western plains due to the middle ground, for the North-South Expressway important way station, the advantages of convenient traffic, nearly 30 years ago as the leading city in central, but also the whole Taiwan#39;s third city.

Population: 660,000

area: 163 square kilometers

formerly known as the "East Dadun", located in the western part of the island of Taiwan Taizhongpende central and east Hanxi, west Tagaytay, south Ukraine, belly Township, north Tam - Rural. East and West are Tai Hang Shan, Tai Dushan Henggen. Surrounded by the Taichung County Circuit. Central Taiwan Province is the economic, transport and cultural center, is also the province#39;s third largest city. The city streets clean and elegant, known as Taiwan#39;s most clean city.

Taichung celecoxib for the Pingpu savages shore, clubs and the old cat and the Wushe. Kangxi in the Qing years, Henman here in a village resident opened up gradually, the Japanese occupation period for Taipei, Tainan, Taiwan and the Penghu Island County 3 1 Office, the municipal Taiwan County, and later changed to the Office of Taiwan#39;s political, then called "Taichung County ", the final result of both Taipei and Tainan, Taitung, Taichung western and lacking independence, so will the words" Taichung City. "

Taichung low-lying North High South, although the coastal west, but separated by mountains, few were against the typhoon. In addition there are the Green River, Yanagawa, Meichuan wear around the urban area, not only to add the city of scenery, but also the regulation of climate, Taichung mild climate, the average temperature of 22.4 degrees was the best living environment.

urban Zhongshan Park, Po McGREGOR Temple, Confucian Temple, such as the Tour of Taiwan#39;s Buddhist Cultural Centre, the Buddhist calendar year the General Assembly are held in the Temple-McGREGOR. Taichung City, Taipei after the number of institutions of higher learning, known as City of Culture said.

Taichung countryside snacks "share cannabifolius Less", has a unique flavor. "Bent on Doufu Gan," swept the province. Gifts are gifts, "the sun cakes" and Xiaoshu St. goods "Fortunately, the kiosks honey bean ice" are famous.