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Taichung City#39;s narrow shape of the East-West, ranked Taiwan#39;s western plains due to the middle ground, for the North-South Expressway important way station, the advantages of convenient traffic, nearly 30 years ago as the leading city in central, is the third Taiwan Metropolis. Taichung area of 163 square kilometers, population 660,000, due to a mild climate, beautiful environment, a "quiet city" reputation.

seasons such as spring weather, Taichung, Taiwan is considered the most livable city. As the Central Mountain Range east of the barrier has Linlie the northeast monsoon, the west side from a considerable distance from the coastline, rarely Chensha emissions, the annual average temperature was 22.4 degrees Celsius, winter and summer temperature only 10 degrees, throughout the year both SHU Cool and pleasant. The Fazi River, a West Hanxi east by the Countryside, and Yanagawa, the Green River, running through the urban Meichuan to add charming landscape; now stands tall building in Taichung, showing a modern commercial city in a bustling scene . Visits Taichung City, may choose to train, by car, or other public transportation, the two major metropolitan areas north and south by plane to also, transportation is very convenient. Taichung City#39;s tourism resources to the main exhibition hall art humanities, such as the Museum of Natural Science, Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Taichung City Cultural Center, Taichung Folk Park, Fengle Sculpture Park; To enjoy the natural scenery to enjoy entertainment or recreation, to be The northern suburb of Tai Hang Tung scenic area, the local gardens to Diego, Dongshan park best known.

in Taichung Youguang, the most Xuanren eyes of the forest of当属Fun Food stores, swept many of Taiwan#39;s consumer food trend is derived from Taichung City, ever-lasting bubble tea shop is one representative; current Taichung Corruption also Zhongshan City gathered around a number of Hong Chafang bubble, and many restaurants and personalized garden style restaurant is 10,000 kinds, synchronized 100, or access to food characteristics, building space or flaunt new feelings, or create a party atmosphere Tian Ya, Taichung rendering a romantic night and go to attract visitors to experience the scene.

aviation Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hualien, Taitung, Penghu, Kinmen and other places both aircraft to the airport in Taichung water Nan.

Taichung Railway Line in the western mountains longitudinal line on the central railway station largest, both trains stop at all levels, frequency-intensive facilities.

Highway western Taiwan Taiwan#39;s major cities and towns there are bound passenger steam Taichung City, and Taipei, Tainan, the new camp, also in Kaohsiung-bound passenger reunification of Taichung. In addition, the station before the Fengyuan-bound passenger Fengyuan, the potential along the East, the founding of road passenger transport industry giant-bound water, the Tachia direction, then there are bound train station in Changhua Changhua passenger. Taichung City, Taichung#39;s public transportation and to the Friends of the two passenger-oriented, from the Taichung Railway Station before and Green drove to the East Sichuan Street, the route planning integrity,堪称convenience.