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Tainan City Chikan old name in Taiwan#39;s southwest coast, the southern tip of Chianan Plain. Area of 176 square kilometers, population 630,000, is Taiwan#39;s fourth largest city. The region is flat, wide terrain North South Tsim Sha Tsui, Mr Tsang, deer ears door, drip, two-penetration of its four streams Habitat, a plain and moorland staggered Dihuan zone.
Tainan development very early, with the arrival of immigrants, Tainan City Street appearance before gradually taking shape. "One government, two deer, three Meng cape" because of the Shengjing Yun and Health. Tainan City is well-known historical cities, the capital of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, as Taiwan still retains many cultural relics, "Wu Buyi God," "three steps of a temple," Yu.
in the pace of modernization, the old and new Zachen show the ancient city of Tainan city landscape that clean government housing, temples, traditional Fujian-style homes and Western architectural styles, inclusion in the new and tall modern buildings, so the cement jungle Ta Fang in the monument, will become Tainan Fu Cheng Looking for the most profound impression. If the Tainan station for the sector, the urban southwest monuments Survey Office, including the former administrative centre Chiqian Lou, the first school in Taiwan Confucian Temple, Yanpingjunwang Temple and other historic old structure of all this; Eastern cityscape by the Japanese To correct the impact of the urban area, National Cheng Kung University campus, Tainan Theological College and other academic institutions to connect one, is to Fucheng cultural and educational center, in addition, the Qing Dynasty by the Chenglou masonry, Chengyuan, this can still be found in the traces; Western shops along the busy Forest, past the flooded streets, alleys, the word in this Canghaisangtian made the best proof; Anping area to the west of Taiwan#39;s birthplace, though here from the historical stage, but Anping Street, the old villages, castles, Fort Hangshang洋楼, the harbor……, You You still circulate in ancient Italy.
fresh trip to Tainan is not left out of the trip itinerary, Tainan snacks as much as specialty products, known in Taiwan, Tsai-degree Xiaoyue Tam, and then, the meat Zong, the coffin plates, the old Wing Ruizhen desktop - Cakes, steamed stuffed buns Paul in mind, and bridge sausage……, there are numerous, too numerous to list, and are a long history of老店. Looking for the trajectory of history in addition to taste-renowned for the Tainan snacks, will be Buxucihang.
air from Taipei Sungshan, Makung, Kinmen and other airports have direct flights Tainan Airport.
Tainan City railway station to the longitudinal line, at all levels have the train stop.
highway west of the main towns have access Tainan, Taiwan passenger steam, Taipei, Taichung otherwise reunification of the passenger Kedi; township in Tainan County have all passenger Tainan, Tainan City-South contact the passenger area. Tainan City bus station to station and Simon Road, Tainan as the center of the city district, connected.