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Location: Taiwan is located in the southeast, the east Pacific, west central mountains! In this county in Taiwan

southeast, including Green Island, Orchid Island two outlying islands.

Size: 3, May 15 ?25 square kilometers, accounting for a total area of the province 9? 78%

, the third largest county in the province, second only to Hualien and Nantou counties.


Taitung County is Taiwan#39;s third-largest county, due to high temperatures all year round, Taitung is also known as the hometown of the sun. Taitung in the mountainous, the top of the Central Mountain Range west, north-central mountains are set according to the coast in addition to high mountain terrain, Taitung coastline stretching for 176 kilometers and more than Yanan Harbour, marine tourism development; from the plains to the mountains, From the ocean to the Island, Taitung is very rich in the natural landscape. Here or the many aboriginal settlements such as Amis, Bunun, the Atayal, Rukai, Paiwan the settlements to form a rich multi-Taitung the human landscape.
Taitung region has a very rich tourism resources, of which the most popular tourist attractions to a few Chihpen Hot Springs, where many international-class hotel and spa Forest Recreation Area, Chihpen become the most popular destination Scenic areas. Bin Lin and the Pacific Southern Cross-Island Highway on the canyon terrain, although the momentum as the spectacular Taroko Gorge Yi Xiantian, but all show the beauty of the Junxiu, Taroko Gorge is also difficult to match, while Taitung Longitudinal Valley on farmland everywhere , The Central Mountain Range on the slopes of the tea garden, Taitung also formed a unique natural style.
Taitung to gravel beaches, coastal areas, beaches, Yanan, coral reefs, mainly, to San Xiantai, small Yehliu, stone umbrellas, Ba Xiandong, and so the most unique coastal landscape, with many curious Guaishi, sea caves and water quality The Beach, is engaged in the upstream activities of the best entertainment venues.
Taitung County have the most or all of Taiwan#39;s aboriginal culture rich region, could be traceable to the earliest Paleolithic. These include the culture of our ancestors Changpin culture, Kirin culture, such as the Peinan Culture, has been found or not to explore the cultural heritage of up to 1, 200, Taiwan history and culture of a treasure land. The Amis, Bunun, and other residents still retains the ancient cultural practices, the water festival with a big ship Exocet festival, Ami Harvest Festival, the monkey festival Puyuma, Bunun fight ear festival, festival five years Paiwan, Rukai, and other unique harvest festival The national festival is not to be missed.